[Archive] 1000pts CD

The Nicktator:

Ok, this is my first shot at both a Chaos Dwarf list and a Fantasy list in general, so go easy… I’ve done some lurking to see what’s working and this is what I’ve come up with.

Hero; Black Hammer, Heavy Armor, Shield (111)

Sorcerer; Dispel Scroll (90)

25 Warriors; HW+S, full command, banner of slavery (305)

15 Blunderbussers (180)

10 Hobgoblins (20)

10 Hobgoblins (20)

10 Hobgoblins (20)

10 Hobgoblins; Wolves (110)

Bolt Thrower (30)

Earthshaker (110)

Total: 996

So. The Hero provides his Ld10 and also bashes the hell out of stuff with that g-g-g-godly hammer. The sorc is mostly for the dispel and to also fling magic missiles.

The big warrior unit accompanies the hero and provides the solid sticking power of the list, supported by the blunderbusses whom take along the sorcerer.

The naked foot hobgoblins act as a firing screen and provide flanking attacks… but mostly are a firing screen. Wolf riders act as harriers for artillery crew, archers and magic-users, and are also a screening unit in a pinch.

Finally, we have the bolt thrower and the earthshaker. The bolt thrower I tossed in literally because I had 30 extra points and they’re fantastic. The earthshaker is a bit of a no-brainer IMO, since this is mostly a counter-punchy army.

I would love any criticism (constructive or otherwise) simply because I’m dreadfully inexperienced. Thanks.


I would possibly suggest having a fiddle with the points and trying to get a unit of 2 bolt-throwers, but that is a matter of personal choice. It looks like a good start, but without knowing how you play and what tactics you intend to use with this list i cant really say.

I think you could try knocking 5 models out of the hero’s bodyguard and adding them to the bbers, then dividing them into 2 units of 10 for more versatility.

However that is just my personal taste.

Best advice is to get a few games in and find out what works for you and go from there.