[Archive] 1000pts Starting Point

the mighty mac:

Well, after browsing through tactics etc i’ve decided to post an army list to see the general reaction before committing to spending many monies on our cruel but loveable friends. So here goes…

Daemonsmith Sorcerer - Lore of Fire (babysits arty)

- Dispel Scroll

Castellan (goes with Infernals)

- Sword of Might

- Enchanted Shield

23 Infernal Guard

- Full Command

- Fireglaives

- Wailing Banner

2 Deathshriekers

5 Wolf Raiders

- bows

- musician

Total = 1000pts bang on

Guard sit in a 12x2 infront of machines & smith whilst the riders be a pain somewhere behind lines hunting wizards & machines. Not sure on the army as a whole, and I will probably change it a lot later. :slight_smile:

Thoughts ? :cheers

Groznit Goregut:

I would think a unit or two of cheap Hobgoblins would do you well.