[Archive] [11/09/2009 update] Galarion's working pit


Hi guys, this is my first CD and also is the first time i use green stuff so it is kinda ugly, you cant see the mask in the pics because is terrible but i’ll upload a pic of that soon, i hope you can help me improvimg my work! thanks!



thats pretty good for a first time with green stuff!


Looks promising - but without a better pic you cannot get a more differentiated comment! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Good stuff :slight_smile:

Try to photograph it from the same direction as the light source, it should be clearer then.


ok, i’ll upload new pics soon :slight_smile: thanks!


The mask


I saw this kind of armor in warh’s army blog and i like it, there’s is no problem right?

I think the mask is better this time

My first 2 guys

Its all i have now, hope you like it :cheers


Time for update! (a very little update) just change the mask from my first CD, i hope this one looks better


thats all for now, new updates soon!:cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

I love the idea of the shields being made of stone. Solid and dependable: However, I’m not so sure of stone bladed weapons. To me, the CDs seem a little too technilogically advanced to use them, but that’s personal taste. The sceme looks good so far. Honestly, I really liked the very first mask: gave it a feel of being like bandana to keep ash and the like out of his eyes and mouth: shame you got rid of it, but I do also really like the two newer masks! I particularly like that you’ve got the rim of metal down the back of one helm.

I like the more dynamic weapon pose of the second one. I’d suggest having all of the weapons look a bit more like they’re being used to attack: the first one, you could clip the axe of, turn it 90 degrees to face the same way as him and glue it back on: it’d really make him pop!

Personally, I’d like to see a lot more of the first style of mask, but not at the expense of the others: maybe all unit champions would have them? That could look cool and really tie it all in.

I’ve just looked back and noticed that the axehead may be painted metal, but the poor quality pics made it look otherwise: my apologies. The metal paint looks slightly blotchy (may just be the cam): a way to avoid this is to add literally ONE or TWO drops of water to your paint and mix it in with a coffee stirrer. You can always add more water, but can’t take it out. This will make the paint smoother and more evenly spread.

The scheme looks excellent, but I have a couple of ideas: it seems very bright in the middle and very dark at the top and bottom. Try making his wristcuff black or something similar, use less blonde colours for the beard (this is more to help make them different to normal dwarfs) and paint lava into the paved cracks in the bases (a little orange and yellow will work). This will darken the middle more than enough and slightly brighten the base: it’ll give everything the snap you’re looking for.

Hope that’s of help and if you wish to ignore it, that’s perfectly fine :wink:

keep up the good work and let me see more!


Hashut’s Blessing: Thanks! lots of good advice, I wasn�?Tt trying to make stone shields or axes, but the idea of the stone shield looks nice to me, may be a unit of warriors will have some, the stone weapon was an accident lol, I�?Tll also try to improve the beard (I leave it that way because I couldn�?Tt make the dreadlock style) again thanks and I�?Tll keep working on that!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad to be of help and sorry for not realising it wasn’t stone :wink: It’s late and I didn’t sleep last night, so I’m slightly bleary eyed :smiley:

It’s fine to leave the beard unchanged, it was just an idea to make it a little darker: not many people give their CDs a light coloured beard, but do so with their dwarfs :wink: An easy way to make it instantly Cd is to paint the beard Ultramarines Blue and then Black Ink it! Instand blue-black beard of which the CDs are famed for having :wink:

Still, even though it may have sounded like I gave a lot of criticism, I DO love them and think they’re coming along excellently. I just want to see MORE of them mister :wink: