[Archive] [11-24-14 update] Apocalypstia's Forge of ChaosDwarfs


are those beards difficult to do… well i guess that depends on the definition and understanding of difficult… it all started out from the bearding ideas and tutorials around the forums. My first beards seemed a little lacking in dimensionality so i modified what i i was doing a bit, put my own artistic flare on the twists and curls of chaos dwarf beards.

Instead of just coming across each side of the beard sausage towards the center i use a motion similar to making a comma " , " - this motion helps pull the beard sausage up and pack it against the previous curl. Once the entire sausage is beardified as such i go back with the fine tool edge (for me an X-acto blade) and press it into any areas that seem to have too much bubbling or seem to thick. Addtionally at this point i will use the blade tip to pull/push wayward curls back into line in order to maintain some semblance of roundness. The comma motion can create little barbs on the gs as i use an X-acto (at that moment), to rememdy this i use the non-edged side of the blade to push the barb back down into the beard as necessary and seemingly appropriate.

I wouldnt really call them difficult to accomplish, just potentially tedious. I should be able to get more samples/WIPs up pretty soon.

The forges must glow if the army is to grow!!! Hashut Commands it!!!


Those look really good (which I wouldn’t have expected with those bitz you’ve used).

They remind me of the old Norse Dawrfs that are (or used to be ) in GW fluff. Should be a very well themed force when its done.


alrighty… starting to get in the swing of productions…

three more chaos warrior dwarf WIPs join their brothers… beardage is improving

now there were some concerns about ranking, and lol there still are. Its a tight squeeze but they will work as long as i dont go too over the top with the sheild design.

now on to some of those dwarf head/torso conversions: these first three are close to finished just have to decide on any fine details and whether or not they are really needed.

a fourth in the works progress shot, helm still undecided about what to sculpt, the beard and moustache seem to work pretty well - still have to get those tusks in there.

When i first started those head conversions all i had was the head bit - i hadent received the body sections yet. Now after receiving the body bits, well yeah… um… not good. I was going to ask about when a beard could get too beardy and if it was possible - now i dont need to ask. LOL its possible. Those 3 that mostly finished are pretty large and seem like they would crush the newer dwarf bodies under the sheer massiveness.

Is it just me or do the new dwarf plastics seem to be very small and frailish - more halfling like in proportions. I remember dwarfs being stout, robust and hearty peoples…

looks like i will have to beef up some fairy dwarfs to get them looking more cd proper like. So much more conversion work than i had anticipated in getting this army on the march. But the rewards of a very unique army showing should outweigh the pitfalls.

Earth Shaker and Death Rocket concepts are coming together. Just want to get the ES a little futher along before posting.


The last four heads are freaking awesome! I love the skull one because the sculpting is amzing and the third one (diagonal scales) because the scales are wonderful.

My compliments for the awesomeness of your ideas. I’d like to push you to go on with these ideas, I think they are much better than simply dwarfize chaos dwarfs. At the beginning I did not give much credit to your army but now I totally changed my mind :hat

Do not worry about beards, no real dwarf could think a beard could be too much :expressionless:

I just want to give you some suggestions.

Check page 21 of this tutorial for chain mail (well check the entire tutorial, it’s very good).


Try to get sharper edges, your armor looks a bit “soft” because of GS nature. Sometimes it’s useful to sharp edges when Gs is in the middle of the curing process or when it is totally dry.

I’m sure your army will be amazing.

:hat off

Kera foehunter:

Great ranking them up !! i love your new mack they look great


The three masks looks great, especially the last one… Might have to try something similar myself! :slight_smile:

Sargoth The Enslaver:

Well a good start!

I must say however,that if your useing great weaps just do one grupe of big amoured boys like they are the elite or something

and just use the Dwarf stuff for your normel guys

Da Crusha:

I think they look cool but once you put weapons and shields on they wont leave much room if any, for ranking up the models


i really like the stockyness of them. really brings up mind images that i first had of dwarfs from tolkein etc. solid little road blocks :stuck_out_tongue: :hat off

Braki Flamebeard:

Very nice use of chaos warriors, stocky imoveable objects of beard :smiley: And there is a lot of beard on the heads you’ve made, I like.


@ Bassman - while there is some softness to the armor edges, its also largely exaggerated by the big zoom factor of photography. The edges are sharper and cleaner on the actual model.

@Da Crusha - yes ranking is tight, very tight - almost like a near impenatratable wall of iron clad chaos dwarfs, the movable wall.

@Allanp & Braki - absolute stocky blocky massively thick chaos dwarf bodies. the way i remember dwarfs being, short, stout, meaty. The new dwarfs just seem to be to slim and frail looking to me. Although there are some awesome conversions and inspiration here on the site so not a total loss.

On to a brief update:

I decided to start working on some the dwarf bodies to make a more chaos dwarf style, began by cutting/shaving out the chainmail on the dwarf thunderer bodies. Then proceded to gs and sculpt up some diamond scale…

the next day i found this thread for a different diamond mail variation:


so off to find a tool i went and still havent returned to re-armoring the dwarfs.

BlunderB’s, didnt have any blunderb’s just yet, thus the mutation of chaos marauders was in order. I havent hit them gs just yet, but have them ranked up so i can make sure they fit with some semblence of what i want to accomplish. Still plan on tight heavy beardage, custom blunderb’s and scaled cloaks. Heads will prolly end up being a combination of styles til i find something i like:

additionally making progress on the Bull Centaur for the Golden Hat… hopefully i can stay up on it so i can make a contribution to the competition.

stoke the fires, smelt the iron… keep those hammers moving…


Yes, you’re right about scales sharpness. Do you know why I agree with you now? Because I copyed your scales and noticed that in real dimension you do not see the “softness” :hat off

Insteresting concept for blunderbusses, I’m longing to see what you are going to do with them…

Good find the tutorial, I’m going to write to some of the mods to create a section for the best ideas/tutorial ever in way to help people like us. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

nice amour !! i love the head less warriors doing the line dance !!

put your left foot in !! take the left foot out!! put the left foot in and shake it all about !!

Braki Flamebeard:

I’m interested to see what you do with those marauders. The scales look good, I might pinch that for myself :smiley: Thats if I have a model thats right to put it on. Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


Just saw this. Could you do a scale shot of your blunderbussers next to a regular dwarf?

The warriors came out really well considering how bulky the models are. The weapon you gave the front guy is very interesting. It’s a very unusual design, I’d love to see the whole unit armed with weapons like these (bit of variety here and there of course).

The shields could be a problem for ranking, but I had an idea about this. If you clip off the top and bottom of them to make a square, then cut some V out top and bottom they would like nice and brutal. File the front flat and stick a skull transfer on there (not something you see very often with CD shields. Job done.


as the furnaces begin to warm and the drum of hammers pings in the glowing darkness…

the blunderbussers were repurposed but were in need of a redesign - they varied in size from taller than the old metal “dwarfs” as well as taller than the 80’s dwarfs I would still like to procure, to about old dwarf size. They were taller than the new plastic dwarf which I was not pleased with.

the bulk of my revised “quick” blunder b’s are comprised of counts as models using the old 80s chaos dwarf bazooka and loader. Have about 40 of those at the moment so considerations have moved on to other units with some conformity to the tome of Tarmurkhan.

I have not given up on the marauders just yet… others things call to be created, melded from the molten heart of our lands.

Special considerations to an Apocalypstian Emissary are in the works for late considerations in the 2014 Emissary Exchange. Hopefully the application is accepted… in time to hitch to the precious cargo to the slave trains.

Fuggit Khan:

Welcome back, nice to see an army blog resurrected after 5 years :cheers


Welcome back, nice to see an army blog resurrected after 5 years :cheers

Fuggit Khan
WB, and hell yea:)

Ben Saunders:

Hmm, an old thread I hadn’t seen before (afaik).

Shame you ditched the Marauder conversions - they look promising.


Love that you just cut down chaos warriors. Could you perhaps give a side shot of one?