[Archive] [11-5-2008] Triton's army hits 3000pts new pics pg2


go with the purple!!



Also, constructive criticism: Add some more dark areas to the purples and then some highlights to give it some contrast.


Well it’s been a while and I’ve been a tad slack on getting my arse into gear with the Easter weekend just gone.  I decided to get into completing the boys. 2250pts of Lord Triton’s force.

An overall shot of my army, missing 10 Hobgoblin archers (I forget to put in).

I have now completed my two warrior units bar about 25 odd more shields (fun).

Unit 1

Unit 2

Lord on Taurus, I’ve added a saddle for him but i’ts not attached to the Taurus yet.

His Lordship

My Bull Centuars

So there you have it.  Almost done the photos are a bit brighter than I expected but it shows the overall theme of the army.  I know only have to complete the 2 bolt throwers and touch up the Hobgoblins plus the shields for the warriors and I’ll be done.

Plus the completion of my 2 wizards and a hero model to use a foot model for when my lord on Taurus loses the raging bull (which happens a lot).

I will endeavour to get the rest done asap.  But next weekend I’m co-running a 2250pt 6 game tournie here in Brisbane, which I’ll give you run down of.  There is one CD player with unfortunately a minimum standard unit army.  I’ll get some photo’s to show his army.  Until then bye.

Kera foehunter:

i like the red on the taurus what color red you use i like the gloss on it also

great army


It’s a base of scab red mixed up with blood red in the end with a watered down blue/black wash for the folds.

I’m convinced with the gloss. They look better in natural light. Which I’ll try and get some photos in natural light.

Also I intend to get the rest of the character done within the next couple of weeks. Thanks

Kera foehunter:

thanks a lot Triton.i love your army


Having had a look at the photos just then i’ll re-do some new ones over the weekend when I get some extra time. Hopefully they won’t come out so shiny.

I was half expecting to be given grief over the standard of photos, but then again besides Kera, the feedback has been tipid. Cheers


Awesome, dude! Badge awarded!


Well the army of Lord Triton is swelling. It has now reached 3000pts. The boys were tested at a 3 day tournament last weekend to which they finished a credible 13/22. They would be better if it wasn’t for the bloke pushing them around on the table:o

The new additions are my unit of Orcs (old beastmen plastics which I thought fitted in well with the horns theme of things). A unit of 3rd Ed warriors with a couple of minor BFSP miniatures for command. And my 8 levels of magic which I used at the tournie. I will now spend more time on touching units up and making them more appealling to the eye.

My 15 ORC’s I used them as Big Uns at the tournament last week.

My 3rd Ed warrior Unit with 2 BSFP guys for my command.

I have now got another 10 BFSP warriors which I will attempt to live up to Zanders converting prowess and increase my warriors even more.

Lastly my Wizards 8 levels of Lore Metal which annoyed the crap out of many a player using Burning Iron:)

Well that’s it for the time being I’ve got a death rocket to do. And hopefully if I can get some cheap hobbies on ebay will bolster my hobbi ranks and get rid of my sneaky gits. I may however switch to goblins and do some converting if need be. Cheers


Good job getting a huge army ready for battle! Xander could take a few pointers maybe :wink: haha

I like the uniform nature of your painting, in that you can tell that they are all part of the same army. The Taurus looks great with the blue, very creative and well executed!

Good stuff man!

Hopefully you aren’t burnt out, so that you have ambition left for the Golden Hat VI competition!!! Are you planning on entering?


Hopefully you aren't burnt out, so that you have ambition left for the Golden Hat VI competition!!! Are you planning on entering?

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I've got a couple ideas for Golden Hat so why not.

Kera foehunter:

great army love the old beastmen.cool horned cd too