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Well after playing Empire for to many years I decided to make a change.��I decided to do a Chaos Dwarf army after seeing a friends models and reading some fluff.��The short story is the friend no longer owns the models and I’ve spent a fortune amassing models over a 2 month period.

I tested them out the other weekend at a one day tournie (see army lists) and after getting used to marching 6" found that I’ve fallen in love with the little guys.��Also they provide no end of interest from most people who look at them as endangered species:).

As I know have this week off thanks to my old employer deciding to let me not work the rest of my time required on full pay:cheers.��I decided this week is it for the boys to be ready for my next tournament at the end of October.

Today was the start of working on my General/Hero model.��I swapped him for something I recieved at the one dayer as I thought he had potential.��I must admit I had seen an old chaos warrior head which I thought would look nice to replace his helmet but realised the damaged done in taking out the helmet would not be good.��So I decided to work on what I had.��I have not decided yet whether to do much more to him especially the beard.��I have mainly got rid of so far any rune symbols and added some green stuff chaos runes/symbols.��So here he is General Triton updated 11/9/07 with his new nose:)

Whilst he is no Golden Deamon winner I was looking for a simple but effective look which shows the battle hardened character I hope he will turn out to be.

Next installment will be on the dilemma I have faced on choosing an appropriate colour for the army.��Cheers

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looks good! keep up the good work:cheers


You might want to put a more prominent nose on him, or maybe some tusks, just so he looks a bit more “chaosy”.

Other than that, :cheers


I likes it, its a really good model imo to start with so i wouldnt advise too much tinkering but some tusks maybe even a bigger nose as wallacer said and it’ll look great, have you got some pics of your other models, it’d be nice ta see what you’ve got.


Looking good! Like the others have said, a bigger nose and/or tusks would do a world of chaosy good. Keep it up dude!


I’m lovin’ it! The shoulder spikes make him look reminiscent of the 3rd edition chaos dwarfs, which I think were stupendous models. Great job!


Right after listening to those who replied, thanks.  General Triton got a nose job.  He is very Gerrard Depairdeau looking I must say.  So I hope this makes him more Chaosie so to speak.

Anyway as I mentioned I have had a problem with colour I had originally posted in the ideas section with some tester models using 5th ed plastics.  

This was all fine until I went to start painting on the models I wanted to use which is the 5th ed metal boys.  Now those who have them no that they don’t have that much if any cloth on them which sort of put my theories out the window.  I already had purchased some painted models which I have adapted to my new scheme.  I am using a Scab red main colour.  And the armour on my new models is a rusty bronze look.  (see below, the grey and chainmail model is the one I bought prepainted with my slight adjustments, hat,gloves, rim of hat)

As you can see they are slightly different but I am still not convinced on the red and bronze look of my new warriors.  I think there is too much colour melding into each other with no real contrast.  I tried to break things down abit with the highlighted grey rim on the hat but even that I feel looks out of place.  I am contemplating going for a Hawk Turqoise colour to break it up.  Any coments would be greatly appreciated.   I am currently trying the scheme on some Blunderbuss’s to see whether it will look any better.  Till next time. :cheers

Traitor King:

Well, TBH the turquiose stripe really doesnt do the model any favours (well, in my opinion anyway).

I also prefer the Chainmail and grey beard look.


Some pretty interesting ideas. I will be following your progress. :slight_smile:


On my screen, they look like they have pink hats.

The greyish colours, even those of the beard and the silver armour, are a little too blue for the pink to work well as part of the colour scheme. You could maybe use a brown or red wash over them to soften it.


Green? Not to sure about that? Paint job looks good though, just not the colors.


Well it’s been a while and to be honest i’ve been a bit lazy on the boys.��I needed to have the new army done by the end of October for a 2250pt tournament which unfortunately was not the case in all the army is 75/80% complete.��This is mainly due to my inability to time manage properly and not getting into full swing until about 3 weeks before the tournament:(

Anyway I played in the tournie and managed a respectable 26th out of 62 players after only playing about 6 games before hand. I am enjoying playing the army and also the kudos you get from people at events when they see them and comment on how cool the army is.

Which leads me to how the models are looking.��As mentioned my time management on the boys went a bit astray and moved from different model to model in order to get some inspiration some time.��I am looking to create a dark looking army but I’m still not convinced I’m hoping when I do the bases up with some extra colour they will highlight the models as I look at them some times and really think about starting again.��Anyway enough rambling and more showing hey!

Lord Triton is only 50% finished and I’m still trying to figure out what I will paint his armour.��I am even contemplating sculpting some horns on his head but might wait on that until I’ve given him a good paint.

My Taurus, I’m fairly happy with him and I’m looking at probably changing the shading on the wings.��As a model I find the lord on Taurus hit and miss with the lord and big boy dying 3 out of the 6 games.��Though this probably due to my generalship more than anything.

This is an example of my 2 warrior blocks.��I have one muso with horn and the other drum.��The standards I have will require some detail to bring attention to the units.

This is one of the warrior champions and a blunderbuss.��As you can see the Blundy’s allow more red to be seen and with more highlighting of the skin and weapons.��As I’ve said I’m still not convinced on the colour scheme but after going this far it might be too late.

This is the hobo’s scheme about 80%, and the warriors I’ve gone away from the grey strip above the eyeline.��I’m hoping the Maruader shields with a splash of colour will also bring out the warriors.

The last three photo’s have been removed replaced by the new shots in the recent update :slight_smile:

Thats it for now I will post the units together to give an overall look.��But the plan is for now to take one unit at a time to finish them off.

I have a converted sorcerer to complete using a Death rocket crew member (the one pointing).��I’ll be doing that between units.��

Until next time.

Kera foehunter:

Sweeeeet captain Red beard the Chaos dwarf pirate and his frist mate todd.

There so cool


nice paint job alot better than me =P


ummmm…why is your lord blonde? he’s a CD is he not…black beards are CD…


ummmm....why is your lord blonde? he's a CD is he not....black beards are CD...

I don't see where it is written in stone that all CD's have to have black beards. To be honest if that was the case I wouldn't paint the army. My lord is a character so I want him to stand out and as he is the oldest/wisest/badass person on the field a little originallity doesn't go astray.

I will have new pics up soon of my warriors and the updated lord this weekend. Seeing though the site has been down for a while I managed to do some painting:o. Cheers


Even CDs get old eventually. I think I’ve seen CDs with every colour beard possible.

The blue on the taurus seems to work pretty well


The ‘fade-to-blue’ on the Taurus’ feet and snout is excellent, I really like it.


recently purple is in atm, liche purple makes cd’s pro


recently purple is in atm, liche purple makes cd's pro

It's actually Scab Red over a black and watered down silver undercoat. Which gives it the purple look. It's taken some time for me to get used to it.