[Archive] 1200, 2v2 What would u take?


Hey guys!

Im not sure this should be in the army list section or not but here goes!

So in a couple of weeks im going to a dubbles turney (my first yay!)

Now im gonna team up with me m8, he is either gonna play vampires or deamons, and I will ofc bring my chaos dwarfs!

Im debating on what to bring to this, doing a 1200 list is really hard with thamrukhan.

Im thinking a lvl 3-4 mage, but I cant take much gear on him because of the 25% restriction.

Bsb is debatable, but I will opt for one big block of IG´s so I might take him, thoughts?

Either I go 20 ish IG´s with Glaives or I go 25-30 without.

Ánd this is where it gets tricky.

I only have ONE unit… The rest will be in warmachines… While the hellcannon can hold its own, and my friends army is gonna be infantry based, I still fear that we will be greatly outnumbered.

There are also some special rules, in wich Lore of Hashut will be of great use, so the lvl 3-4 is almost a must…

How would you make a 1200 army for dubbles?

Thanks for your help!


If you go artillery and your friend goes infantry/cavalary you’ll really be playing to the strong suits of your armies. If providing artillery is your main mission, then take a daemonsmith to camp out with the artillery and provide his special “mojo”. Beyond I’d just take as large a block of standard Infernal Guard kitted out to survive and help shield your artillery; if points allow a castellan and full command in the unit will help.


~300pts for Daemonsmith and Castellan

~550 for 2 Deathshriekers + Magma Cannon +Hellcannon

That leaves you ~350pts for your Infernal Guard unit, a 23 model unit should leave you with enough points to upgrade the command.