[Archive] 1200 points LoA, allied to WoC


In the last few weeks I�?Tve played three battles with my CDs allied to my brother�?Ts Warriors of Chaos of Tzeentch. We made our lists without knowing what armies we�?Td face.

For the first battle I made a list to move forward supporting the WoC�?Ts infantry. I chose Lore of Hashut hoping to cast maximized Breath of Hatred on Turn 1. We fought against a single army of Dark Elves. He had a lot of guys with hand crossbows, 2 bolt throwers and 2 hydras. As soon as he saw the Fireborn he hid the hydras behind his crossbows and hoped to soften us before we reached him. He conceded when a WoC Chariot made first contact and broke a unit. This is the list:


Sorcerer Prophet, Lvl 3, HASHUT, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Endurance (300 pts)

Infernal Guard x22, FCG, Pistol, Lichebonne Pennant (313 pts)

K�?Tdaai Fireborn x7 (385 pts)

Bull Centaur Renders x4, Great Weapons (200 pts)

Total: 1198 pts

For the second battle I realized that we had no shooting at all in the alliance so I dropped the BCs and got an Iron Daemon. I downgraded the general to 2nd level. This time we faced Skaven and Ogres. The ogres had a horde of Ironguts, 3 Mournfangs, an Ironblaster and something else that I don�?Tt remember. The Skaven had a lot of war machines (big cannon, big catapult, small mortar and small machine gun), three huge units of rats and some ninja-type rats that entered the battlefield behind my army. The ogres destroyed the WoCs while I did the same to the rats with the help of a WoC Wyvern. When all the Skaven had fled the field the CDs faced the remaining ogres. The Iron Daemon achieved a lot by shooting and delaying the advance of the ogres so that when the Fireborn met the Ironguts the latter were already weakened. I was very lucky with the Burning Bright tests. Here�?Ts the list:


Daemonsmith, Lvl 2, DEATH, Charmed Shield, Luckstone, Dispel Scroll, Ironcurse Icon (170 pts)

Infernal Guard x24, FCG, Lichebonne Pennant (335 pts)

K�?Tdaai Fireborn x7 (385 pts)

Iron Daemon, Hellbound (310 pts)

Total: 1200 pts

For the third battle a friend joined the good guys (us) with Daemons. I decided to stay back and shoot to avoid overcrowding the battlefield given that both of them are better at close combat than CDs. I changed the Daemonsmith for a Sorcerer Prophet for an improvement in Leadership which was the best thing that I could have done. I also dropped the Fireborn (who deserved some vacations) and added 2 Magma Cannons. Since the lord would stay back with the war machines, I changed the lore to Fire which has the best range.  We fought against Ogres, Beastmen and Orcs & Goblins. I shot down the Mournfang with the Iron Daemon and weakened the Ogres and Beastmen with Magma Cannons. This is the list I used:


Sorcerer Prophet, Lvl 3, FIRE, Charmed Shield, Dispel Scroll, Ironcurse Icon (300 pts)

Infernal Guard x23, FCG, Pistol, Lichebonne Pennant (325 pts)

Magma Cannon x2 (290 pts)

Iron Daemon (285 pts)

Total: 1200 pts