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Hi ! As you may know I tend to do a lot of project at once and never finish them (like my mordheim warband and my story for the artisan context for example). I want to change that (and finish my projects :wink: ) so I entered warseer’s tale of fantasy painters with a lizardmen army and a chaos dwarf army.

So I built a 1250 point list for chaos dwarf and I have a few trouble with the last choices. So here goes :


Sorceror, level 2 upgrade, powerstone, General. 125 points

Sorceror acolyte, powerstone. 90 points

Bull centaur Hero, great weapon, gauntlets of Bazhrakk, armour of Gazhrakh. 154 points

369 points total.


25 Chaos dwarfs and full command. 255 points

12 chaos dwarfs blunderbussiers. 144 points

12 chaos dwarfs blunderbussiers. 144 points

543 points total.


1 Death rocket. 80 points

80 points total.


1 Earthshaker (Mon canon trembleterre ! :smiley: ). 110 points

110 points total.

This amount to the total of 1102 if I am correct. So I have a fair bit of points to add stuff, and I don’t know what to add.

The first idea would be a 25 orcs block and orc archers. This is the one I like most, for no real reason. I don’t know how well they perform, but I heard that the orc with light armor, shield and choppa was 5 points ; I don’t know how much cost the orc with two choppas. Either way at least they’re more cost effective than kitted out hobgoblins. An orc block with additional choppas will also provide me with a more hitty unit that can go well with the dwarfs (I think).

The second would be hobgoblins archers with hobgoblin light cavalry. I like this idea less because I don’t know what kind of hobgoblin miniatures I want, and I will have to search. But they’re good, as they can be used as both a light cavalry and a medium one led by the bull centaur.

The third one would be hobgob archer + mass hobgob. I just don’t like this idea, as it means lots of hobgobs to paint :wink: but that will also provide me with more (bad) infantry blocks.

I don’t want to add bolt thrower because it seems they’re a no-brainer, and because I don’t want them :smiley: I want to see if I can do an interesting army that can work well without them.

So the army is partly designed to go around the lack of bolt throwers. The death rocket will either shoot heavy cavalry or block of troops ; and against big monsters I have the archers/sorcerors that will shoot at it, making it lose a wound or two, and the bull centaur that act like a cannonball, 16" charge and 4 st7 attacks ! The earthshaker looks cool and scare the enemy, and slow people down so I can shoot them more. The blunderbussiers/archers/sorcerors shoot people and the dwarfs take charges. At least that’s the plan.

Voila ! Please note every thing you want to say, obvious mistakes and weaknesses in my list, calculations errors, what should I do, or everything that goes through your mind, and thank you for all the help you can give me and thank you for reading me !
Ancre :hat off


Yes, bolt-throwers are a no-brainer.

Well, if you’re going to use Sorcerers as a substitute for boltthrowers, you could upgrade the 2nd sorcerer, and maybe take more powerstones. that should allow you to dominate the magic phase.

Archers are a waste of time against monsters/ogres/heavy cav you would be better off with s5 blunderbussers, so more blunderbussers.

A second Death rocket would improve your chances of hitting something. You could try 3, that would certainly give your army a theme!

Orcs are a cheap option for block infantry, naked hobgoblins are cheaper!

Wolfriders can be useful

That gives you a lot to choose from!

A small unit of Black orcs would work well as can-openers.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Try adding in Hobgoblin Wolf Riders and a unit of Sneaky Gits. The wolves are fast Calvary and don’t cost much. Use them with your Bull Centaur Hero, but possibly promote the BS to a Lord. It will increase your army list points value as well as give the BC more attacks, etc. Also, add a second hand weapon to the BS Lord for a final attack.

I tried this with an Ogre player and the BC Lord hacked the Ogre Lord to bits 7/10 times.