[Archive] 1300 tourney and my appearance

Vardan Painkiller:

After a long while i went on a torunament which was for very nice 1300 points, with semi like ETC limitations, 1PD, 1DD, max 3 warmashines/K’daai , and 2 out of K’day, Chalice S5 templates .

I had 3 games, 1 with dwarves, 1 with empire, 1 with O&G in respective order, my results were 16-4, 3-17 and 20-0, overall 4th place out of i think 13 players
My list:
Death lvl 2 sorc with scroll
BSB with Enchanted Shield
19 core dwarves with shields and +1 Ld magic banner
20 naked hobbos

K’daai Destroyer
Iron Demon with skullcracker and Hellbound.

K’daai tended to get most attention from my opponents, died twice shoot down by warmachine fire. I think i should have be even more aggresive to hide it in combat asap. Tran is amazing, i tried to avoid anything i couldnt Thunderstopm, and i charged without declaration using steam boiler, it does give ASF rule to the enemy, but also blocks reactions, so it cant be really redirected or blocked with trash units.
Over all i think i should have took less warriors and more hobbos, and replace BSB with small mage with metal or maby a death rocket.
I have never been in combat with warriors efectively wasting 263 points of potential.
Another lesson learned is not to be greedy and try to snipe last fleeing dwarf warrior with death spell, cos resulting miscast costed me more than 400 points.
Games were great, but i still think that 350 points per unit limitation was too high and 250 would suffice resulting in more tactical gaming and less paper/rock/scisors games. ( magic could be rolled with D3 allowing only first 4 spells )