[Archive] 1500 Ravening Hordes list

Golder Goldeater:


Chaos Dwarf Lord 201p
GW, Armor of Kazraukh, Talisman of preservation


Chaos Dwarf Sorceror 125p
Dispell Scroll, Lvl 2


14 Hobgoblin Archers 70p

14 Hobgoblin Archers 70p

23 Chaos Dwarf Warriors 313p
GW, FC, War Banner


24 Black Orcs 318p

Death Rocket 80p


Earthshaker 110p

Earthshaker 110p

5 Bull Centaurs 105p



The green units are the hobbos. The middle unit are the warriors with the lord and wizard.
The rest are pretty obvious.


why do you need that expensive lord in a 1500 point army? drop him and bring more troops.

(attachment is my 1500 point army, I needs the shadow mage to function and its most defiantly not a power list but it works. It was half a team doubles army with just 300 extra points)

if you’ve played some games. let us know how it went.


I agree with blog. Also you might want to think about dropping 1 of the earth shakers. They are awesome, but running 2 in 1500 points and you’ll find yourself running out of ppl to play you. I’d drop one to a death rocket, or drop both, one for said death rocket, and one for hobgoblins.


If you droped the lord to a hero and one earth shaker you can proberly get a bsb hero and a bull centaur hero to add in to the units you have to give them a bit more hitting power i would but the bsb in the black orcs and make sure they stick around , you cant trust them green skins to stay in a good fight and leadership 10 hero in range as the army general and from the bsb rerolling leadership should make sure they do