[Archive] 1500 v brets


I need some advise against brets my list is.

1 lv 2 sorcerer with chalice of darkness

2 lv 2 sorcerers with 1 dispel scroll and one power stone each

10 warriors with great weapons

x2 19 warriors with champ and banner bearer

10 warriors with blunderbuss’s

death rocket

x3 bolt thrower

10 orc big’uns with full command spears and shields.

The sorcerer with chalice will join the blunderbuss’s the other sorcerers wile each go in one of my big warrior blocks.

My opponent usually has a unit of peagusus knights which I plan to kill with my great weapon warriors two units of regular knights the rest of his army changes from game to game we normally play 1000 so I don’t know what he may bring and I want to be prepared any advise.


I play against those Bretonnians all the time and my opponent favors the Errantry War list from Storm of Chaos. What usually works well is plenty of bolt throwers (at least four) and cutting back on blunderbuss units. Be sure that your big blocks of troops can survive the charge so I’d make em at least 25 strong if you can, add a war banner in one of them and hope that the big uns can charge their wide flanks. While I’m not too fond of heavy magic (prefer a BSB), I would take Metal magic as that first spell on the list can really cut down their lance formation rank bonus if you can pull it off a couple of times. Good luck, Brets are tough.


Not sure why that smiley is there but I meant battle standard bearer.