[Archive] 1500pts vs TombKings


Hi dudes and dudettes!

Next week end my naughty dwarfs meet the Tomb Kings.

I never play against this army.

As few as I know, I made this list :

CD hero, great weapon, armor of gazrak 94

Mage lv2, staff of sorcery 150

Mage lv2, 2scrolls 150


15 BBs 180

21 CDW, FC, war banner 244

25 hobs full stuff 100

25 naked hobs 50

25 naked hobs 50

10 wulvriddaz 130

10 wulvriddaz 130

10 hob with bows 50


2 BTs 60

1 ES 110



I think I’ll splitt my army :

a flank with my dwarfs ans my armored hobbos, the other flank with my artillery. :sick

Wolves will take the back of the adversary.:idea

For magic, I’m not sure at all, for the moment I took fire+fire. :s

All comments are welcome!


A character with Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel plus a great weapon equals Strength 7 which equals chariot death.

The Black Hammer of Hastut is also a good choice against TK.

Good luck with your battle.


Take one wizard with the Lore of Shadow. Steed of Shadow and Unseen Lurker are excellent movement spells and if you are lucky enough to get Pit of Shades, it works wonders on the undead because of the Initiative check. Shades of Death can do wonders for Wolf rider units. It makes them cause fear thus making them not have to check to charge Fear causing units. Crown is good at weakening units that are close and Creeping Death is good at killing long distance.


The Hammer is cool but it’s hard to catch the TK, and it worth too much point on a hero.

Gauntlets… could be interestinf but vs charriot I have the BTs which could be awesome. Moreover I use a dwarf heros with a move of 3!

Shadows… why not.


A bull centaur hero with gauntlet have M8

Thommy H:

the other flank with my artillery
Big mistake: a Tomb Scorpion will roll through artillery that close together in less than three turns. Split them up, or protect them with a big combat unit.



hob hero + GW + Gauntlets + Steed of shadows…

watch him stomp 6 times his points worth of chariots…

and then die a hilarious death… worth the price of admission…


Yes metro, but which character may I remove?

the general? I lose the Ld10 and a character that can bear a challenge

a mage? it wont remains me enough magic offense and dispell with only one mage.


Results : Marginal victory :cheers


Congrats on your victory! :cheers

What was the TK list like? Learn anything from your battle?


I play the list I mentionned with Fire and Death magics (fireball+sword of Rhuin ; dark hand+doom and -so useless- darkness, I couldnt change it cos I rolled 1 and 5)

The TK army list was :

2 princes (one on a charriot with the banner that may reroll succesfull shooting hits)

1 flying priest

4 charriots

15 skel

15 skel

15 guards

5 light cavalery with bows

1 scorpion

1 catapult

It has been a very hard fight.

My antimagic worked pretty well, I blocked all the invocations on his guards unit, they were only 5 when they had to charge my BBs :wink: And after stand and shoot only 2, including a prince.

After raping some nakked hobs, his charriot felt in a deadly trap : pursuing in an obsctacle : 1d6 S6 hits per charriot :idea

He f*cked me 10 hobs on wolves, spinning around with his shooty cavalry, this was a real problem I couldnt manage.

Others moments of the battle are less relevant.

So I keep this :

2scrolls (3 in 2k battles I presume) + 1 staff of sorcery FOR THE WIN!

Play with difficult terrains and obstacle against TK charriots units (flee charge etc…).

Take care of the light cavalry duels.

… oh! and even if you play defensive because you have more shooting stuffs than him, dont fear the close combat phase! Often it could be the easiest way to slam him down :hat