[Archive] 172nd scale Soviet Army

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Here’s a little stop-motion video I made yesterday to try and get people interested in playing Rapid Fire with me at my store, Monster Hobbies. Hopefully it will work!

It features my 1940’s Soviet Army and some old Pola and Zevzda building kits I painted and put together.




Rapid Fire is without question the best WW2 25mm rules set out there!

I myself have a small batallion of British airborne troopers and a few tanks (one firefly, three cromwell and a tetrarch) to reenact battles in Normandy and the push over the Rhine.

Maybe you can help me with some advice Tarrak, because I am looking for a British Comet tank on a 1/72 scale, but only seem to find it ona 1/75 scale, which means it’s way too small to be fielded next to my other tanks.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’m not too sure. I find that each country’s model manufacturers tend to build whatever army that their country fielded in the wars. sometimes they will do cross-over kits, like Italeri making American vehicles, but mainly they will stick to their own.

As far as scale goes, it’s also up to the designer of the kit.

I haven’t looked for a Comet tank, so I don’t know. I have the Churchill and the Cheiftain for 1/72nd British Tanks in my store, Monster Hobbies.