[Archive] 1750pt LoA v Dwarf


On Sunday I will be having a fun game against a friend who is relatively ring rusty when it comes to Fantasy games.

He will be bringing his “vanilla” dwarves and is looking forward to settling a multitude of scores and grudges against the accursed fallen brothers.

It is a 1750 pt game and my list so far is:

BULL CENTAUR TAU’RUK - Blackshard Armour, GW, Tricksters Helm.

DAEMONSMITH (Lv2) - Metal, Charmed Shield, Power Stone, Pistol.

INFERNAL GUARD (12) - Full Command, Fireglaives

INFERNAL GUARD (12) - Full Command, Fireglaives

K’DAAI FIREBORN (4) - Manburner

BULL CENTAUR RENDERS (5) - Std, Mus, GW, Razor Standard.



I will post the battle report on Sunday evening along with both complete lists.

Any advice would be gratefully received


Hi all,

Well the dwarfy match-up happened on Sunday and was a blend of disappointment and satisfaction.

Disappointment - I had to hang around for 2 hours waiting for him to be able to start the game, meaning we only managed 4 game turns!!

Satisfaction - the game ended turn 4 with a crushing victory for the Chaos Dwarves!!

He took:







Organ Gun


In summary:

Magic was a total letdown, doing pretty much nothing all game.

Magma Cannon was hellish, slaughtering his quarrellers and punishing his thunderers and warriors.

Renders were held up by the pesky slayers for 3 turns, finally killing them all.

Fireborn took out the grudgethrower (which had failed to hurt anything at all).

Hellcannon was impressive.

I pretty much only lost 6 or so Fireglaives and 1 Bull Centaur so it was an impressive result for the worshippers of Hashut.

We are going to play a bigger game (2K) when he is able to concentrate on the game properly and I will post a full battle report then.