[Archive] 1750pts, 5-player T&T game


Just got back from a five player T&T game at my local club that lasted from about half four until quarter to nine in which I placed second (almost came first, but some last minute sneakery by the vampire player netted him 50 gold and denied me 50 gold to add to my war chest :hat ).

Apologies in advance for the sketchiness of the report, but my memory’s shoddy and I didn’t have time to take notes.  Things were also a bit hectic because to speed things up we allowed multiple people to take their turn at once (specifically people who were unable to effect each other).  Of course this probably altered the outcome slightly due to people missing out chances to play their cards on occasion.

Link to album of pics I was able to snap during the game (sorry for the poor quality on some - only had my iPad to take pics with):


The battlefield had a ruined temple in the centre, a couple of forests and hills dotted around, a river partitioning off one corner and two arcane fulcrums (used just as mundane scenery for this game) in two corners.

I deployed in the corner with the river, my general and his Infernal Ironsworn bodyguards deployed ready to cross a bridge over the river, my war machines, Daemonsmiths and Sorcerer-Prophet on a hill overlooking the river and my blunderbusses in the river at the foot of the hill.  My hobgoblin mercs deployed on the other side of the river as far forward as they could get (the Khan on wolf was restricted on how far forward he could deploy due to where the Bret player deployed).

The Bret player deployed a unit of archers on the boarder of his deployment zone with a unit of knights behind them and his trebuchet behind those.  The rest of his army deployed on the other side of a wood to me.

The vampire player deployed in opposite corner to the Bret player (don’t remember his exact setup) and the Skaven player in the remaining corner.  The Dwarf player who showed up late deployed sandwiched between the Brets and Skaven in a bunkered setup.

As I only really interacted with the Bret player, I can’t really report on how the rest of the battle went, so again, sorry for the lack of details.

I began by moving the hobgoblin war wagon up towards the temple, the Khan up to the stairway between the nearest knights and the trebuchet, and moving the blunderbusses forward and shooting the peasant archers. The archers panicked and fled through the knights and off the table. My Dreadquake fired on those knights, killing four and they also fled the table. In the Bret turn, their Questing and Grail knights moved forward, keeping the forest on the flank between them and me, while a unit of peasant spearmen and regular knights turned and marched towards me, while the trebuchet opened up, killing a third of the blunderbusses.

In turn two, the Grail and Questing knights charged towards the war wagon, the Grail knights failing the charge and the Questing knights completing and wiping out the war wagon. The trebuchet opened up again and killed a few more blunderbusses. In my turn the khan ran around the stairs towards the flank of the spearmen and the deathshrieker used a demolition rocket to take out the trebuchet.

In turn three the spearmen turned to face the khan who ran back around the stairs so he could attempt a flank against the knights the next turn and my general and his bodyguard readied for a charge by the questing knights, which never came. I think it was in this turn that an ash cloud descended limiting the range of shooting and spell casting.

In turn four the ash cloud continued to restrict sight so the questing knights and Ironsworn sat facing each other without moving. The khan flank charged the knights who passed their terror test. Both khan and knight champion fluffed their attacks resulting in a drawn combat (I would have lost by one but had a card that gave me +1 combat res).

Turn five the ash cloud lifted and for the first time since turn one I got to go before the Brets. And Sod’s law it was the turn I wanted him to go first:mad I had a card that would have forced the Brets to choose someone else as his enemy for this turn which would have meant my khan would have had to back off 1" allowing him, in my turn to recharge the knights. As it was he was stuck in combat, so I charged in the blunderbusses, which tipped the balance in my favour - the knights broke and were run down by the khan. In the Bret turn the questing knights, knowing it was the last turn, turned away from their staring contest with my general and moved up to the ruins.

Fairly sure there’s something I’ve forgotten/overlooked but for the most part that’s a reasonable rundown of the game.

The vamps finished with 850 gold, me with 800, the Brets with 750 and Skaven and Dwarfs with less (don’t recall exact amounts off hand).


Thanks for the report Dinadan. Great to see more battle reports on the site.

The bucket of photos is good to have. But please put 10 or so pictures into the post the next time and perhaps a couple of fat lines. Just to break up the large block of text.

1750 point x 5 is a pretty crazy game.

What do you think of triumph and treachery? I think it’s the best expansion to warhammer yet. And those coins are pretty great.

Also tried loosing a game with 50 coins - to some rather sneaky buisness in the end.


I would have put pics in rather than a link but

1) it was late and I was tired and in a bit of pain with my back

2) not sure which ones go where - snapped them as I was going along, but don’t recall which ones tie up with which parts (especially the ones of the Skaven-Vamp caphuffle)

T&T was fun, but it suffered a bit due to the limited time we had to play (not a fault of the rules, just of the circumstances we played it under). The limited time meant that to speed things up we had multiple people going together, meaning it was difficult to keep track of what some of the other players were doing and thus probably meant missed opportunities to use cards (eg for a few turns I had a card that would have given me a bronze coin if the person on my left won a combat, but because we were at opposite ends of a long table, I wasn’t able to pay attention to most of his actions until the final turn, where he promptly declared me the enemy and thus had no combats). I personally will claim a moral victory on the grounds that being the only one with mercs, I started with a far smaller pay chest than everyone else and thus comparatively I accumulated more during the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I would play again but would try a 3 player game next time to make it more manageable.


Just recalled something hilarious that happened during the game.

Midway through the game my Sorcerer-Prophet miscast and rolled Dimensional Cascade. The template covered the Sorcerer-Prophet, one of my Daemonsmiths, and both warmachines. The Bret player rolled to wound and promptly rolled a one for the Prophet, a one for the Daemonsmith AND a one for the deathshrieker! As a result only the Dreadquake took a wound.