[Archive] 1800 vs Skaven

The Gib:

I am playing against a local Skaven player this week and need some help with a list to take. I played this person recently in an escalation league we have going. Here is the Battle Report

Here is the list I have so far.

Sorcerer Prophet - Hashut, Dispel Scroll

Daemonsmith - Fire, Chalice of Blood and Darkness

Khan - Great Wolf, Light Armor, Shield, Enchanted Shield, Shrieking Blade

Infernal Castellan - BSB

20x IG - Full Command, Banner of Discipline

40x Hobgoblins - Bows SB, Musician

2x Deathshrieker Rocket

5x Wolf Raiders - Musician, Spears

K’Daai Destroyer

This leaves me with 68 points, but I am not sure I need the Castellan. With the Prophet and Ld Banner I will have Ld 11 in that unit. So I could have additional points left over. Game will be this week but not sure exactly when.

I do know this person likes to run the WLC and Bell.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

  1. You do need the Infernal Castellan. But he needs to be survivable so give him the Mask of the Furnace and a Great Weapon

    2. There is no such thing as a Leadership stat of ‘11’

    3. Which means you don’t need the Banner of Discipline in the Infernal Guard

    4. Your Sorcerer-Prophet is naked. That’s bad.

    Otherwise I like your list!


Why has your Khan a shield and the Enchanted shield? those are not cumulative.

Give shields to your Hobgoblins, so they get a 5+ save and a 6+ parry save, quite good in a game against skaven.

and consider not bringing the destroyer in a 1800 point list maybe? swap for a hell cannon, more fire power and the ldtest with a -1 will be scary as hell for a skaven player.

The Gib:

My mistake on the Khan, supposed to be just the Enchanted shield. Really wanted to try out the K’daai against an HPA but I am not even sure he will have one. If I drop the K’Daai and add in the shields and BSB I am thinking of adding in another DRL. I do not have a hellcannon and can’t proxy one. Will drop the magical banner from the IG. Also going to add charmed shield to Prophet and a ward save. I am going to try the Lore of Hashut just because I have never used it, but would you think in this situation running 2 fire wizards would be better?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I must be confused…what’s a DRL?


Prob a Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher…?

The Gib:

Yes, the Deathshrieker


Skaven HPA are ridiculously good for the points but i’ve matched up my Kdaii destroyer against one on a few occasions and the destroyer always won. Flamming attacks negates it’s regen so it’s a lot weaker against the Kdaii. Destroyers are insane by the way. I’ve wiped out entire units with just one.