[Archive] 1k Build up list


Ok here is the list I’m curently putting my eforts on to field. So far have the two warmachines, bullcentaurs and Hobgoblin wolfriders done.

Demonsmith, lv2 (Fire)

20 Infernal Gaurd, Gw, FC

4 Bull Centaurs, GW, Standard

1 Magma Cannon

1 Death Rocket

5 Wolfriders

Dont have the book yet, but how I have patched all rumors together I should have 10 points left for something. Either a magical shield for the hero or a musican for the hobgoblins.

Expending this later will pretty much force me to finish converting my BFSP dwarfs, for a unit of 30 HW/S. And prolly use a lamasu (it looks so cool) And hopfully something more.

Time of Madness:

There are a few things that would be nice to have.

- Enchanted shield on the smith for the 2+ save.

- Banner of swiftness on the centaurs for the extra movement.

- Musician on the wolf riders.

Are you planning on keeping the smith with the war machines or in the infernal guard unit?

The guard unit would work best at 21 (with the smith) as you could have a 7X3 formation to take advantage of the great weapons.

Personally I’d drop the great weapons as that would give you enough points for the extra magic items/musician. With the left over points you could always pick up a magic banner for the guard.

Time of Madness


When it comes to the GW choise it all boils down to that it is quicker to scrape of some moldlines from the old plastic CD, then to convert the BFSP dwarf’s I have.

But agre with you, maybe my oponents will be nice enough to let me play em as HW/s.


Ok Got the book today (yay) And here is the completed list. Will se if I can get some games in this sunday.

Demonsmith, lv2 (Fire), Enchanted shield, Dawnstone.

20 Infernal Gaurd, FC, Banner of Diciplin

4 Bull Centaurs, GW, Standard, Banner of swiftness

1 Magma Cannon

1 Death Rocket

5 Wolfriders; Musican, spears

For a total of 997 points.

Might also try the GW armed dwarfs to and skimp down some on the magic iteams.