[Archive] 1st Ever CD List

Arkhan’s Pet Pony:

Hi guys, been lurking here for a while, havent posted anything so far but here it is

Prophet - Level 4 Death, Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Ironcurse Icon

Dark Castellan - BSB, Armour of Bazherak, Dawnstone, GW

Daemonsmith - Level 2 Metal, Scroll

28 Infernal Guard - GW, FC

2 x 20 Hobgoblins - Mus, Bow

2 x Magma Cannons

2 x Deathshriekers

2 x Dreadquakes

2 x 5 Wolf Riders - Bow

So what’s the opinions/criticisms? :slight_smile:


-I would drop the ironcurse icon and give the prophet the earthing rod.

-bows are wasted points on wolves

-2x5 dreadquakes is awesome but I would suggest using 1 dread and 1 hellcannon. the hellcannon is good is cc as well so it helps.

-if you dont have the ogre upgrade on the dread you need it. now.

-too many machines and not enough units to redirect or hold the line. maybe drop a magma and the shriekers and add some cc stuff such as iron demon?


Great to see 2 dread quakes in a list but make sure you tAke the ogre.

I would be keen to know how such a war machine heavy army goes- post some reports soon.