[Archive] 1st list 2000 points


This is the first chaos dwarf army list I’ve written any advice?


socerer prophet, level 4,tricksters helm,  415

talisman of endurance,blood of Hashut


Infernal castellan,BSB,black hammer of hashut, 205

talisman of endurance,enchanted sheild, potion of speed


40 hobgoblin cutthroats  190


20 infernal guard   260


20 infernal guard     260



magma cannon  145

2xdeathshriekers   200


k’daai destroyer  325


Not bad, but:

You’ve got talisman of endurance on two characters, you’re only allowed one.

What lore are you using for your sorcerer?

It’s usually better to have a bigger unit of infernal guard rather than two smaller ones; 30 take a long time to kill.

With the points saved from the infernal guard dropping in size, look at getting some bull centaurs. While the destroyer is awesome, you could do with another fast unit either to keep up or for flanking.

Glimpse the Void:

Looks like a fun list.  I agree with previous advice, and ask if you would run them 5 wide for maximum survivability or go horde with a nasty weapon like fire glaives?

Also, do you think you might miss the mobility that muscians would give your units with the swift reform rule?

Nice list though.  Good luck and I hope to hear how it works out for you.


thanks for the advice, the talisman of preservation is on the sorcerer phrophet and im try out lore of Hashut, ill try and rewrite the list with the block of 30 infernal guard