[Archive] 1st Tyrand Guard, pro painted


As you all know, i have come by 3 of the FIRST tyranid guard. (The ones with the shields, standing up, with the whips) I have no place for them in my army, and would love to sell them. They are pro painted, mint condition.(One is missing a Large claw, but its unnoticeable) The new ones are $20 each, what would you be willing to pay for them? My E-mail is Jd_Mohr@live.com (If you’d like pictures, shoot me a e-mail)

Since they are older, and are not manufactured any more i’d like to get the price up a bit. (Not to mention, the nice paint job.)


if they are “pro-painted” posting a photo would be a good idea. Also, as far as I know the older tyrant guard are not more sought after than the current (although I prefer the look of the older ones myself).

Good luck.


yes a picture would be very nice.