[Archive] 2 - 2400 point lists

The Gib:

I have come up with two different 2400 point lists that I am hoping to try out soon, once I get all the models built.  Not sure how competitive these lists would be, but I do think they would make for some fun games.


Sorcerer Prophet - Level 4 (Hashut), Charmed Shield, Power Stone, Talisman of Preservation

Daemonsmith - Level 1 (death), Dispel Scroll

Khan - Wolf, Light Armor, Shield, Spear

Castellan - Hammer of Hashut, Enchanted Shield, Ironcurse Icon Talisman of Endurance

Infernal Guard (47) - Full Command, Gleaming Pennant

K’Daai Fireborn (8) - Manburner

Magma Cannon

Magma Cannon

K’Daai Destroyer



Taur’ruk - Blackshard Armor, Trickster’Helm, Great Weapon

Daemonsmith - Level 2(fire), Dispel Scroll, Enchanted Shield, Ironcurse Icon

Infernal Guard (48) - Full Command, Banner or Eternal Flame

Bull Centaurs (3) - Full Command, Great Weapons, Gleaming Pennant

Bull Centaurs (3) - Great Weapons

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher - Hellbound

Wolf Raiders - Shields, Spears

If I had to take one of these to a tourney I would probably run the K’Daai list.  I have considered combing the two centaur units into one big block of them.  Not sure if lists like these would be super competitive.

Ceann Fine:

Personally I’d much prefer to play against the first list as the k’daai not withstanding nothing (the t4 fireborn that take toughness tests wont be around that long) thats remotely worrying is getting to me short of turn 4/5. With m3 your massive block of dwarfs is three turns before they get onto my half of the table and with the short range of your magma cannons your warmachines aren’t a viable threat. A decent turn of shooting will kill the k’daai and maybe if I’m lucky pop a fireborn or two, which gives me the rest of the game to kill the fireborn and get a 15-5…14/6 if i feed you chaff.

Your second list has problems too, your taur’uk for instance doesn’t get a LoS. And 500 odd points for a general with a 3+/5++ is pretty pricey as even a solid round of arrows has a chance of killing him and thats before bringing in war machines. Basic prophet on taurus works better i believe although you pay more. 600 points on the dot for a level four on death with a 4++, charmed shield and a dispel scroll.

Hope this helps mate


The Taur’ruk can’t be the general, right? In the second list, I think the general has to be the daemonsmith.

I think 50 infernal guard is too many… lots of points there to add other things to the list.