[Archive] 2.4 k against ogres (old ETC)


Next game is against ogres according to ETC 2014 rules. Put up the following list. Threw out the Bullcentaurs for the hellcannon. My hope is to grind them down a little so that they dont have the starting number of attacks in matchup with the Kdaii.
Hell cannon, taurus, K`daii and IG should not fight alone against an ogre block.

There are a few points left, what shall I do with them?
Earthing rod/ scepter of stability? Magic banner for the IG?

Sorcerer-Prophet, General, Lvl 4
+  Great Taurus
+ preservation, charmed shield, tricksters shard (?)
+  Lore of Hashut
- - - > 510

Daemonsmith Sorcerer
+  scroll, enchanted shield (?)
+  death
- - - > 125
Infernal Castellan
+  shield
+ Luckstone, The Mask of the Furnace, ironcurse (?)
- - - > 207
Hobgoblin Khan
+  Giant Wolf
- - - > 52
Hobgoblin Khan
+  Giant Wolf
- - - > 52

25 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard, GW, SMC
- - - > 407

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroates, Bows, M
- - - > 104

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroates, M,S
- - - > 92

Magma Cannon
- - - > 145
Magma Cannon
- - - > 145

K’daii Destroyer




Changed something with the list:
Earthing rod in, ironcurse and tricksters shard out.

New core: 24 blunderbusses and 10 fireglaives

Ogres came in with 2 cannons, 5 mournfangs, 5 and 8 ironguts. 2 Heroes and a lvl 2 butcher.

Lots of shooting in the beginning. the cannons wounded the kdaii with 4 (!). Zharr Naggrunds finest engineer works dealt 14 wounds to the ironguts and the mournfangs.<br>Pistol-Ogres were near the hellcannon and opened shooting.<br>2nd turn: Remaining mournfangs fled from Kdaii charge. But flames of azgorh hit them hard and killed all (!). No scroll…
Pistol-Ogres charged hellcannon.
3rd turn: No good. S-P on taurus in superb position, but hell heart came through. Despite of earthing rod the s-p went to another dimension. Pistol-Ogres finished hellcannon and overran into magma cannon. Kdaii could charge one ogre cannon and finished it.<br>4th turn: Pistol Ogres eliminated first magma and overran into blunderbusses. Sole Taurus eliminated 2nd ogre cannon. Lead belchers dealt 5th wound to Kdaii.
Revenge of the dark dwarves: Blunderbusses beat Pistol-Ogres in close combat, pursue only 1 Inch.
But 5th turn: Blunderbusses deal 69 shots to pistol ogres. 4 Ogres more than gone. Small Ironguts(5) charge Blunderbusses, stand and shoot: 2 remaining ironguts turn on their heels and flee.
6th turn: K´daii burns itself (sniff). Daemonsmith kills Ogre BSB with a fireball.
1560:1439 for the chaos dwarfs (draw 10:10).
Two good rolls more and its a 15:5 but it could have been worse, too.

edit: Blunderbusses and Great Taurus had a great performance this time.