[Archive] 2,500 Chaos Dwarfs - Semi Competitive - Need some feedback!


Hey Guys,

Going to be playing a few test games with some CD’s before I purchase too many of them for a new army. I wanted something competitive I can take to local tournaments as well as friendly games around the place. That are your thoughts on the below?

Sorc-Prophet (Lore Hashut): 370 - Tali pres, blood Hashut, ench shield, lvl 4 (Joins one IG unit, blasts and hexes his little black heart away, was looking at giving crown of command to make the unit stubborn but not sure about points…


Daemonsmith (Law Fire): 125 - Dispel scroll, charmed shield (Sits back with war machines for the re-rolls and fire-balls anything he can)

Infernal Castellan: 197 - Msk of the Fnce, BSB, shield, Irn Curse Icn (Joins 2nd IG unit to make them dead 'ard)

Hobgob Khan: 56 - Wolf, shield, Lght amr (Chaff for re-direction and/or war machine annoyance)

Hobgob Khan: 56 - Wolf, shield, Lght amr (Chaff for re-direction and/or war machine annoyance)

Hero’s: 434

23 Infernal Guard:308 - Full cmd

23 Infernal Guard:345 - Full cmd, Gt Wpns

Core: 653

4 Bull Centaurs: 230 - Full cmd, GW’s, Gleaming Pennant (some flanking action, speed and a bit of hard hitting S6 Monstrous, also since they’ll be outside the ld bubble = the pennant)

1 x Magma Cannon: 145 (Evil laugh… die ogres… DIE!)

1 x Deathshrieker Rocket: 100 (versatile for low T guys or high T monsters/characters)

Special: 475

K’daai Destroyer: 325 Scary big beasty and good conversion opp

Hellcannon: 210 (Was thinking I might use the HC on the flank rather than at the back like normal Warmachines… sit it right next to the general’s unit (for the re-rolls) and also to guard the units flank with it’s scary monster-ness)

Rare: 535

Total: 2499

Army Thoughts: Decent Magic phase, few solid warmarchine shooting phases before combat (gotta love those re-rolls!), make everyone come to me with the 2 main hard blocks taking the brunt of charges (going to hit 2nd anyway…) and try to flank/hold up bad ass units with the faster elements… very different tactics from my usual WOC ‘balls out’ mono Khorne list that just hit’s things with sticks.

That do you think guys? Any changes/recommendations?