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Hey guys, my 2k game has now been changed to 2.5k and following the comp for an upcoming tourney.

I have taken on board some of the advice given on the other thread and have come up with this list.

No non-character unit can exceed 400points, which is why I was keeping the blunderbuss unit down in numbers.

I know as well that the general consensus is for 2 x 20 hobs but I am really excited about the prospect of a horde of hobs fighting.

If anyone can see anything obviously wrong then please advise but I am more after your help with how to use this list.

Oh and yes, that is a Llamasu - I know there are better units but I like to use what I like and am determined to make a Llamasu work.


Sorcerer Prophet - 580 points

Level 3 Death

4++ ward

Charmed shield

Ironcurese Icon


Level 2 Shadow

Breath Weapon


Castellan - 197 points

Mask of Furnace



Daemonsmith - 120 points

Level 1 fire

Dispel Scroll

Khan - 71 points


Relic Sword

Dragonbane Gem


Light armour

Khan - 44 points

Light armour



20 x Infernal Guard - 395


Standard and Musician

Banner of Swiftness

40 x Hobgoblins - 232 points



Banner and Musician


4 x Renders - 180 points


Magma Cannon - 145 points


Kdaii Destroyer - 325 points

Hellcannon - 210 points

Basically what I want to know is how would you use this? I am thinking.

- Sorcerer runs off sniping and wm hunting

- The kdaii, renders and khan run off causing problems

- The 2 blocks move forward as quickly as possible but can stop and shoot if better option

- The 2 wm stay back and shoot with the Daemonsmith there for rerolls

- The other Khan goes with the block to aid with better leadership.

I am hoping I get steed of shadows so I can move 20" ad then move another 20" - should scare the begeebies out of any WM.

Time of Madness:

Not the most optimal build, that is one expensive prophet! I’d look at spliting the hobgoblins into 2 units of 20 archers. Gives you another drop and allows you to target different units.

You should really try to get the centaurs great weapons!

Time of Madness