[Archive] 20 Warriors, 5 bull centuar, and 4 bolt throwers for 35 dollers!


Yesterday i purchaced the dwarf mining package, and it came with quite a few nice bitz. 4 grudge poneys(centuar) amd 4 harpoon guns. (i put the guns on the base of the poney trailer). Great deal, hu???

Ill post pics tommorrow. (im on my i phone atm)


I keep trying to figure out what this mining package is… is it 2 boxes of miners or is there a special box that people are getting? Great deal none the less though… and looking forward to seeing what you make out of them…


Kera foehunter:

Great job josh !!! can’t wait to see tou figures

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Crank 'em out dude! I love a good Bull Centaur!


That should work out nicely, and sounds like a decent deal considering what equivalent amounts of figs would probably cost.

Isn’t it interesting how our army can either be the most expensive, or one of the cheapest?


He’s probably referring to the 20-man box of miners. Same one I bought recently… When I bought it, I noticed that it was the only 20-man box left… the rest of the plastic dwarf miner boxes were all 10-man, and would be more expensive to buy enough for 20 (than the big 20-man box).

it is an excellent box with alot of bitz… but i gotta be honest, i just can’t imagine pony centaurs as anything but pony centaurs… either that or really small bull centaurs… but the box does come with alot of cool bitz for making warmachine crews… (caged goblins, wrenches, barrels, tool belts, dynamite, giant drills that can be turned into harpoon guns…)

make sure you put a spear in place of the drill bit, for those “harpoon guns”, cuz they aren’t harpoon guns just as they are (straight out of the box)… they are definitely drills… :)   unless your hobbos shoot GIGANTIC spinning drill bitz!  (sounds deadly!!!)

also, remember you can only make “great weapon” weilding warriors with plastic miners, because of the positions they are in (unless you have an outside source of arms)… you’ll also need to have or create some axe heads on hand, to convert the pick-axes into great axes… also, you cannot just use the great axes from the warriors box (but you can use the removed axe heads), because warriors wear sleeves and the miners are bare armed (and totally badass looking!)…

for the 1 great weapon warrior i’ve made from a miner so far,  i just used the miners arms and weapon as they are, but I replaced the pick-axe head with an axe-head I made/cut out of plasticard (i attached it with an appropriate strip of greenstuff too)… remember to shave off the beards and greenstuff the curly beard BEFORE you place the weapon arms on them.

remember you’ll have to cut off the candles on their heads too and find/make appropriate masks/hats/helms…

i think i covered all the elements of plastic dwarf miners into chaos dwarf warrior conversions… but of course there is also the scale mail sculpting (if you choose to change the chain mail).

there are certain upper backs that can’t be greenstuffed with scales as easy as usual, because they have a criss cross pattern of straps… I just leave these as chainmail and straps (and scale-mail the rest of the armour inside the trim). There are also portions of the miner body’s armor that have a little chain link covering part of the trim and the chain mail… the can be a slight pain and be in the way, but if you are good at it, you can shave them off with not too much effort.

That is how I convert the plastic miner box set into great axe CD warriors.

I’d show a pic if the one I made so far was totally finished, but he isn’t completely done yet.



There are plenty of ways to convert, based on what materials you have available. Only your imagination or lack thereof will stop you from being able to make anything.

As far as teh scale mail issue, I think that’s just a personal preference, you aren’t required to add any greenstuff to your dwarves at all and you can still get a good CD look by paint scheme alone.

@che: I’m confused you mention that’s how you did your miners from the box but that you only have one done. Did you do a full unit? If so, let’s see a pic or two, I’d like to see WIP even if they/it aren’t finished.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’m just wondering; does the 20 fig box have double the exact same parts as the 10 man box?

Kera foehunter:

Go josh go !!!

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There more of Pony Centaur at this point. Its also a newer boxed set, 20 Warriors, and 5 grudge pony’s.

Ive only gotten through with paint layer one of 3…

But im adding lots of candles, since my characters live in Icy Mountains… (( Yheetees might be fun to add for hero’s -.o)

The 20 fig. box is cheaper, has more ppl and a lot of nice Bitz (Drills= Bolt guns)


Two heads has a point, you don’t have to convert… but it looks good if you do. It’s hard to say which is more important curly beards or scalemail as it depends on if you go Helms, Hats, or Masks. If helms, curly beards might be less important, but a nomadic/more chaosy look may be called for. Is that making sense?

Kera foehunter:

well i cant wait to see then josh!!

go bull centaurs

Groznit Goregut:

... but i gotta be honest, i just can't imagine pony centaurs as anything but pony centaurs... either that or really small bull centaurs...

I would have thought the same thing...until I saw tjub's blog. I will grab one of his pics to show you:

Quite cool!


Thats great I didn’t think you could really use the ponys for bull centaurs but that looks great

I’m glad I save the four I have.:cheers


Yeah =D

It worked out niceley.


I know those, I’ve seen Tjubs centaur… but too me all I can see is a pony centaur… for some reason I can’t get past it. Just doesn’t look anything like a bull to me…

But then again, when people see my bull centaur (based on a thickened medieval horse) they might only see a horse centaur… who knows.

@swiss… you know I never really understand the difference between helm and mask… I guess masks are attached by a strap with a bare head in the back… but my CDs are wearing masks that form into a full helmet… other people have done that as well (snotling). so what are those? helmasks? that sounds bangin! HELLMASKS!