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So tomorrow my brother and I are going play a couple warband games. We will have several armies that we will play in diff games. And every warband is 200 points :slight_smile: fun and fast game play.

I will be facing vampire counts, Chaos (khorne), Beastmen and i believe thats it.

This is my idea for a 200 point CD army


CD hero +60…68

w/ Great Weapon +4

and Heavy Armour +4

(he will be in the group of 4 CD warriors)

x4 CD warriors…41

w/ hand weapon and shields

and Musician

x5 CD BB…60

Bolt Thrower…30

total 199

Please give me any and all advice on this :slight_smile:


At 200 points i’d be tempted to take a couple of Hobgoblin blocks (or at least one for your General).

That way you get ranks and outnumber bonuses on the cheap (Just watch out those pesky beastmen don’t flank you).


200 Point Chaos Dwarf

CD hero w/ BB (60+11) 71 (in group of BB)

X4 CD BB (12 x 4 = 48 )

12 Hob Goblins (naked) 24

12 Hobgoblins (naked ) 24

Bolt Thrower 30

Total is 198

would this be a better army then my above one?


I think it is certainly better. If you can get ranks and outnumber on the cheap for your warband you may as well. Goblins are probably the only other army that can (Skaven can too, but the clanrat mainstay rule would stop them bulking out on them like you can).

I’m assuming from your army list that you’re using some special warband or skirmish rules? (since otherwise you’ll need 2 units of core for an army under 2,000 points).

If that is the case, and you don’t need to worry about the normal core requirements, why not take hobgoblin bowmen instead of a single rank of blunderbusses? They have the same strength and Ballistic skill, but are 7 points cheaper. Granted the CD have a better LD, but that won’t matter if they’re in range of your general. You could then use whatever points you have left to bulk up your Hobgob infantry.

Hashut’s Blessing:

The bolt thrower will be powerful, but is it perhaps wasted? It doesn;t seem like it will kill more than maybe a model a turn if it hits each time…

I’d suggest that you give your general some armour and a shield and use the second list. (Not sure what your “w/BB” stands for next to his name.)


I think w/BB probably stands for “with Blunderbuss”.

Heroes can’t normally have them but I think their warband rules may be making some exceptions as far as gear, unit sizes and core requirements go.


I dont like Hob goblins, I love CD, not Hob gobs… So i wanted to make a warband with atleast some cd. So wallacer what would you use if you made a warband?

Hashut’s Blessing:

In that case, remove the bolt thrower and replace with some CDs and/or upgrades/extra equipment.

Thanks, wallacer :wink:


But I will update this post tomorrow telling briefly how the battle turned out. I will also make a more detailed post on the battle report

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good to hear you’ll do a battle report. Will ya take in-game pictures too?


Hmmm… well assuming no minimum core requirements or minimum unit sizes I would go for this:

CD Hero + Great Weapon + Heavy Armour = 68

20 Hobgobs = 40 points

21 Hobgobs = 42 points

10 Hobgoblin Bowmen = 50


200 points


There aren’t many armies that can match those kinds of numbers at 200 points. You should be able to get good static combat res so long as you can prevent the enemy charging you in the flank.

If I wanted to have a list like yours that included at least some Chaos Dwarfs (which is actually not easy at 200 points, since Chaos Dwarfs cost over 4 times as much as a Hobgoblin) maybe this:

CD Hero + Great Weapon + Heavy Armour = 68

5 CD warriors with Great weapons = 55 points

13 Hobgobs = 26 points

10 Hobgoblin Bowmen = 50


199 points


Giving them Great Weapons at least means they’re useful (5 weapon skill 4 Strength 5 attacks will be capable of killing most things in a 200 point game.)

You could then stick your general in the Hobgoblin unit, giving them some much needed ability to rack up non-static combat res. Then you’ll have 2 useful units and some missile fire to support them.

I still think the first list is better, but if you really want to use CD warriors, then you may as well give them great weapons. They should be fairly useful then.

What do you think? Like the lists or hate them?


Chaos Dwarf Hero 60pts

Heavy Armor and Shield 6pts

3 Chaos Dwarf Warriors 27pts

4 Chaos Dwarf Warriors 36pts

Great Weapons 8pts

3 Bull Centaurs 60pts

Heavy Armor 3pts


I will try all of these armies (if I have time) between tomorrow and saturday. I will give a detailed battle report for all. Might as well see what happens lol


Good luck :cheers