[Archive] 2000 LoA vs. Vampire


so i don’t have a lot of time to go through the whole battle report, so here are highlights (my list is here on army list forum).

2000 points each. he had:

strigoi blender lord (with ghouls)

level 2 necro (with skellies)

krell (with grave guard)

wight king (with grave guard)

30 skellies

20ish ghouls

2 units 5 wolves

2 bat swarms

20ish grave guard

6 crypt horrors

he deployed:

wolves. wolves. bat swarms. ghouls. grave guard. skellies. crypt horrors.

i deployed.

hell cannon. death shrieker. magma cannon (both daemonsmiths with warmachines, both were using lore of death). infernal guard. hobgoblins (in building). k’daai fireborn. iron daemon behind fireborn.

first turn nothing consequential. we both shuffled forward. magic nothing big (he got one wound on one of my daemonsmiths with gaze of nagash). my shooting was so-so, killed a few crypt horrors.

his turn 2. he charges his skellies and crypt horrors against my k’daai fireborn. my fireborn were hiding behind burning obstacle so he took some wounds. magic raises crypt horrors and brings more skellies to unlife. he has no shooting. close combat my k’daai foreborn hold him and even cause some to crumble.

my turn 2. this is the turn i basically won the game. we made a mistake, i shot first, magic second, although it didn’t effect anything. my hellcannon misfires. i re-roll with daemonsmith. misfires again! goes on rampage and charges 5 wolves. other shooting nothing important. magic phase. i get 6 power dice. i throw all of them at bjuna’s whatever against his strigoi lord. roll a 9, inflict 4 wounds, he saves one with regen, his strigoi lord is dead. my hellcannon kills his woves and reforms to threaten flank of ghouls. my k’daai fireborn continue to kill skellies and crypt horrors. this turn i remember to reform my k’daai and put one of them into contact with his necromancer (it was in second rank). i move my iron daemon, he must charge it with grave guard or sit there and get shoot all game.

his turn 3. charges my iron daemon. magic nothing. shooting nothing. charges iron daemon with grave guard. charges one of my daemonsmiths with bat swarm. puts his ghouls in bad position and covers their flank with wolves. close combat. my k’daai keep killing his crypt horrors and skellies. most important, my k’daai kills his level 2 necro. he has no more mages. his grave guard bounce off my iron daemon.

my turn 3. hellcannon charges wolves. wipes them out, over runs into flank of ghouls (like i said, poor position). my hobgoblins flank his grave gaurd. my k’daai wipe out skellies and crypt horrors, reform to flank grave gaurd. nothing to shoot at, no real magic.

his turn 4. game over. hellcannon wipes out ghouls. daemonsmith finishes of bat swarm. grave guard/krell/wight king at down to less then 10 models and he’s about to get flanked by k’daai fireborn and infernal guard with my bsb.

i lost 1 k’daai fireborn.

his entire army is wiped out.

massacre for chaos dwarves!


after turn 1.

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after turn 1.

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beginnig of his turn 2.


end of his turn 2/beginning my turn 2.


my end of turn 2.

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my k’daai doing some damage.


my gun line, this game didn’t kill much, but by surviving didn’t give up a lot of points.


my infernal guard with bsb. didn’t get a chance to get into combat.:~


Great victory for hashut!


Nice report I like your K’daai.


echoing copperpot,

good report and i also like the look of your k’daii