[Archive] 2000 point chaos dwarf list

ginger gobbo:

Hi well I’m new to chaos dwarves and I’m new to 8th ed as well Iv had a three year break and saw that chaos dwarves have come back so I new I had to do them. This is the list I have come up with I’m hoping it will do well as it does have a lot of shooting.

So here it is comments and criticism is appreciated

Sorcerer prophet (Hasut)

- level 4

- chalice of blood and darkness

- talisman of preservation

- ironcurse icon 400

Daemonsmith sorcerer (Death)

- dispell scroll

- charmed shield 125.

Infernal castellan

- shield

- battle standard bearer

- Black Hammer of Hashut

- Dawnstone 192.

Hobgoblin khan

- giant wolf

- light armour

- dragon bane gem 59

24 infernal guard

- blunderbuss

- full command

- naptha bomb

- war banner 504

Deathshrieker rocket launcher (100)

Deathshrieker rocket launcher (100)

Deathshrieker rocket launcher (100)3

Hell cannon (210)

Hell cannon (210) 420.