[Archive] 2000 Point Competitive *No Comp*


Hey all! :cheers

New to the forums here. I think its amazing that the community banded together to make a site specifically dedicated to this kickass army :D:D Thanks to all.

I have a list here for a 2000 point tourney among friends. I’m totally in it to win so don’t be afraid to give me some filthy cheesey advice. I looove the CDs and I really wanna see them shine. Can you guys critique?

Sorcerer-Prophet - 350

- Tali of Pres

- Charmed Shield

- Crown of Command

Dark Castellan - 197


- Mask of The Furnace

- Shield

20 Infernal Guard (General goes here) - 260

- Sword & Board

- Flag

- Muse

19 Infernal Guard (BSB goes here) - 248

- Sword & Board

- Flag

- Muse

6 K’daai Fireborn - ***

2 Magma Cannons - ***

1 K’daai Destroyer - ***

Total: 2000 on the dot

Im already hearing the boos and hisses for the fireborn but I honestly see no alternative. IMO the centaurs are garbage and putting massive points into artillery or blunderbusses means you lose turn 3. It seems like a solid list im just worried about being massively outnumbered and not having enough hammer units. The k’daai units are stand alone damage dealers… magic and artillery only has 2 or 3 turns to do its thing and who knows if it will pull through. Perhaps a fully close combat army?

Thanks a bunch all,


Grimbold Blackhammer:

No dispel scroll?

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if you’re going full cheese?

drop the fireborn.

too pricey and they’ll die to burning bright.

Replace them with 2 DS rockets and if you can, a hellcannon

if you have the points, get two naked units of wolf raiders, to delay anyone marching to you.


I won’t give you advice to change your list too much. It’s not the most competitive list possible but it could work. It is true that the Fireborn are very expensive but depending on your strategy they can be very useful.

I don’t think you need the crown of command on the general. Since you don’t have a daemonsmith, I assume that he and his unit will stay back with the war machines. Instead of the crown of command I would take either a dispel scroll or a chalice.

Also, to improve versatility I would change one magma cannon for a deathshrieker rocket launcher.


@Blackspine: Sounds good. Im worried about massive amounts of war machines though… fast armies may tear through it.

@Marduk: Yeah I’m gonna retool the special units… So many mixed reviews on the lil’ kdaais im not sure what to do.

@Grimbold: Gonna try and fit one in… Gotta make some changes.

Thanks a bunch guys!