[Archive] 2000 point Daemon list


Lord of Change

Master of Sorcery (Knows all of the Lore of Life)

Dark Magister

Nurgle Herald

Level 1

BSB (Standard of Chaos Glory)

Noxious Vapours

29 Plaguebearers

Full Command

Magic Banner allowing unit to reroll to wound

30 Bloodletters

Banner, Musician

10 Nurglings (!)

Considered going with 30 Daemonettes (same command as letters) instead of Nurglings (tweaking the Nurgle herald a bit to make the points work). Though, I’d have to buy all of them… so I went with the Nurglings. I figured, same number of wounds and equally hard to kill. Less attacks, granted, but still deadly due to poison. Plus Flesh to Stone on the Bloodletters or Nurglings could be interesting and make both tough to deal with. The Nurglings also provide some mobility. Plus Nurglings are just goofy…

I went with Life Magic. Daemons are a fairly elite army, so being able to bring models back is big. Plus increasing the toughness on the Bloodletters (or Nurglings) by 2 can be big, let alone by 4.


Those Plaguebearers ain’t goin’ nowhere. Looks Win to me. Nice to see someone who isn’t taking the usual Bloodthirster and double Flamers silliness (playing that with my DEs next week…should be… interesting…).

Costs aside, I would go with the Daemonettes, as the rest of the army is mainly 1 Attack troops. But like you say, if you’ve got to buy em all…