[Archive] 2000 point tournament list


I’m going to a 2000 point tournament in a few weeks and was after a bit of advice finishing my list. I’ll put my ideas here below.

First up, this was my initial draft.

Sorcerer Prophet lvl 4 Metal dispell scroll, talisman of protection, dragonhelm

Castellan BSB enchanted shield

24 infernal guard full command

10 infernal guard fireglaives

10 infernal guard fireglaives

Iron Daemon

Magma Cannon


K’daai Destroyer

Now, I played a practice game against high elves yesterday and despite a win I felt the army underperformed. The Lord was sat with the warmachines and while the reroll helped me more than once, I could do with his leadership up front. Lore of metal worked well, but I didn’t really have any armour to go up against so was really just casting enchanted blades and glittering robe. I put that lore in as I felt the army lacked anti armour, but now I’m not so sure. The fireglaives died quickly, and are too expensive to just use as the flank protectors they tried to be, I spent the whole game wishing I had my Centaurs there instead. That also helped free up more points for lord protection if I was going to put him up front.

So here was my second draft…

Sorcerer Prophet lvl 4 Hashut dispel scroll, talisman of preservation, charmed shield

Castellan BSB enchanted shield

39 infernal guard full command

3 Bull Centaur Renders shields


Magma Cannon

Iron Daemon

K’daai Destroyer

It’s still exactly 2000 points exactly. Being closer to the enemy I think lore of Hashut is the strongest lore we have access to all round. The only changes I was considering was keeping the Lord back again and so using metal / fire for range, and swapping the infernal guard for 32 with great weapons instead, in which case I’d be 12 points over and have to likely drop the talisman on the Lord to the 5+ one. The only problem with that is you get points for WYSIWYG and my models have hand weapon and shield. I’m also using the special / rare combination as I have it almost fully painted, one reason I’m not using hobgoblins, as again you get points for painted armies. I also want to minimise anything that can go wrong on it’s own like hobgoblins and the hellcannon.

What do you think? I like this second list as only having 6 deployment drops might give me a higher chance of +1 for first turn too.


Lore of Hashut means that the Prophet is still a significant threat sitting with the machines.

I would really want to see GWs on those Bulls though, man. 2S4 attacks aren’t great.


I think 3 bull centaurs aren’t going to do much. In their current state, they’ll pack such a small punch, they might not even take out warmachines in one turn.

And if they are in the list solely for chaff and getting killed, you might as well bring wolfraiders and save the points.

Also 39 guys in one regiment is a lot. They don’t need steadfast, because they have the Castellan. And even going horde, you’ll likely end up with a lot of guys, who never get to hack and slash at the enemy.

Perhaps save some of the guys, go 7 broad and 4 deep. Put a cool banner in there for some of the points. Razor banner will make that many dwarfs a lot more dangerous.


I know the Bull Centaurs hit harder with great weapons but I always feel they get expensive at that point and if I want a harder hitting unit run the fireborn, more attack output and a ward save but I still don’t throw them into combat alone needlessly. The Centaurs are tough though with T5 and a 2+ save, they aren’t chaff by any means but are there to hold units at bay. Striking at I3 is potentially better in that respect and keeping the points down.

I like the idea of putting the Razor Banner in the big unit though. The size of the unit is more to ensure it doesn’t give away it’s points easily, but should also stop the opponent being Steadfast even though the unit doesn’t need it itself due to Stubborn.


Sorcerer Prophet lvl 4 Hashut - talisman of preservation, dispel scroll, enchanted shield 375

Castellan BSB - shield 132

36 Infernal Guard - full command, war banner, pistol 501

3 Bull Centaurs - shields 135

Iron Daemon 285

Deathshrieker 100

Magma Cannon 145

K’daai Destroyer 325


That’s where I am with it now. Don’t really have any points to play around with as I want the special / rare and it is and I need my core at 25% (hence the pistol). I’d like better protection on the BSB really but not at the cost of taking it from the Prophet. Any ideas?

I could drop the Destroyer and take a Hellcannon to free up 115 points but I really think the Destroyer will do better even if all it does is take all the attention off the rest of the army.


I don’t have the book with me, but wouldn’t a Hell Cannon be better than a Iron Daemon?


Have you tested the list?


I feel that the Sorcerer prophet doesn’t necessarily need the ward save in this list. Given that he’ll stay near war machines, he could just look out sir (2+ due to the wording in the tamurkhan book) to the warmachines against things he doesn’t want to get hit by, like canons, and Itp means he won’t fail leadership when a war machines explodes as a result. I feel the ward is moore helpful on the bsb, not so much for the stubbornness in this particular list, but more for the fact that it will be catastrophic when you lost the reroll and run with the entire block of IG. You can win the game losing your wizard early on. It is near impossible to win once that big brick is gone.

Just my thoughts.