[Archive] 2000 points vs Ogre Kingdoms


Here is my list for review/critiquing:

Sorceror-Prophet, Wizard (Character), Lord

Darkforged Weapon, Blackshard Armor

Lvl 4, Blood of Hashut

Chalice of Blood and Darkness, Charmed Shield

Talisman of Protection

Daemonsmith, Wizard (Character), Hero

Enscorcelled Weapon, Blackshard Armor

Enchanted Shield, Dispell Scroll, Lvl 2

Infernal Castellan, Infantry (Character), Hero

BlackshardArmor, Hand Weapon

Mask of the Furnace, Ironcurse Icon

BSB, Shield

x24 Infernal Guard, Infantry, Core

Hand Weapon, Shield, Blackshard Armor

Full Command, Pistol

“+1 CR” Banner

x10 Infernal Guard, Infantry, Core x10

Great Weapon, Blackshard Armor

x3 Bull Centaurs, Monstrous Beasts, Special

Scaly Skin (5+), Heavy Armor, Hand Weapon, Shields

x1 Magma Cannon, War Machine, Special

x1 Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher, War Machine, Special

x1 K’daai Destroyer, Monster, Rare

LORDS 21.0% 420

HEROES 18.4% 367

CORE 25.4% 507

SPECIAL 19.0% 380

RARE 16.3% 325


I’ll place the SP and the BSB with the HW/S Inf Guard.  I’ll use the GW Inf Guard to protect the warmachines.  I’ll use the BCs to clear chaff for the K’daai who will be placed on the opposite flank from the warmachines/GW.  I guess my thinking is that 2k points, my Ogre opponent won’t have much, if any chaff.  He prefers the big uglies.  So my hope is that my BCs will get the drop on his Mournfang and keep them tied up, while my K’daai heads straight for his Gutstar.  I’ll then use my Magma Cannon on his regular ogres and I’ll use the demolition rocket on his Thundertusk/Stone Horn.  Finally, I’ll try to support the K’daai with my HW/S IG plus a whole bunch of nasty magic.  

I plan to take Death on my lvl 4 and Fire on my lvl 2, though I’m not 100% decided.  

I’d love some thoughts from crowd here.


Also, my book is at home so could someone help me? Does the K’daai have an armor save or ward save? I know he’s got the save vs flaming. Thanks!

Time of Madness:

Destroyers have a 4+ ward save and a 2+ ward vs Fire.

As for the list…You have a lot of points invested in characters, machines and the destroyer. I’m not a big fan of the unit of 10 guard. You would be better off giving them fireglaives for some shooting or turning that unit into a unit of 20 hobgoblins with bows. The 10 guard will get run over fairly easily.

Take a unit of 28 guard and put the prohpet/bsb in that unit for 30 strong. I prefer he lichbone pennant rather then the warbanner. Its nice having a 3+ ward for the characters vs snipe spells.

Just some thoughts.

Time of Madness


If i had a little more time, i’d probably be bringing Fireglaives or Blunderbusses as I just received my new blunderbuss models from Russian Alternative and haven’t had a chance to assemble or paint them. (Thanks again for such beautiful models Rozmax!)

I’m not worried about snipe spells for characters as Ogres don’t really pose a magical threat. I will remember that though as there are a number of magic heavy lists in my local group (DE, VC, DoC). I need to pick up some more BCs as I’d love to put a unit of 6 or two units of 3.


I havn’t really gotten magic to work yet, and havn’t played more than 1300 point games. But are the Chalice worth the points? I don’t seem to get the point of it - but it’s often banned I hear.


Ok so I swapped out a few items and put fireglaives instead of great weapons on the group of ten. They will be proxied tonight, though my opponent will not have an issue as he knows i have the models to be built.

As for the Chalice, I’m going to try it out tonight. I’ve never used it before, but I think that I’ll give it go and see what happens.


Please post a battlereport - let us know what happens.