[Archive] 2000 pt LoA Army List


Hello all, long time no see.

A friend of mine has taken up Warhammer again and thus, I’ve decided to dust off my old CD army. I’m currently in the process of paint stripping it so I can repaint it from scratch.

He’s lined up a 2000pt each doubles for Monday night, so I had a shot at an army list. First time I’ve tried out the Legion of Azgorth from Tamurkhan so I’ve no feel for the new list.

Without further ado, the list. All comments welcomed. Cheers! :cheers



Sorcerer Prophet �?" Level 4, Lore of Death, Great Taurus*, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield.

495 pts


Infernal Castellan �?" Battle Standard Bearer, Talisman of Protection, Sword of Bloodshed, Shield.

207 pts


39 Infernal Guard �?" Full Command, Standard of Discipline.

505 pts

20 Infernal Guard �?" Full Command, Hailshot Blunderbuss.

382 pts


Deathshreiker Rocket Launcher

100 pts

Deathshreiker Rocket Launcher

100 pts


Dreadquake Mortar �?" Slave Ogre.

215 pts

Total: 2004 pts

*First time I’ve ever fielded this lord/monster combo, but I didn’t fancy the Lammasu and we have no combat lords.


I can imagine you’re army already made with only classic models which is awesome so I won’t suggest anything that you probably wouldn’t use/have.

Some things I thought of Looking at your list:

I would have my prophet with talisman of preservation and enchanted shield for 2+ 4++ and your BSB castellan with mask of the furnace, shield for 2+ 4++ as well. Keeps them nice and safe.

I’m a bit unsure about having your prophet mounted on the Taurus as he’ll get cannoned or sniped in some way and wouldn’t really support your slow army anyway. But it can be good with death.

Standard of discipline could be changed for something else more useful unless you really plan on having your prophet miles away.

Blunderbussess are best used in units of 30 I reckon. As their special rules allowing a reroll only work for a unit 20+ so you need room for casualties.

I’d rather have two units of 30 infernal guard. Each with a castellan For stubborn which is awesome.

Death shriekers are great. Making one hellbound can be handy against etherials and making it tougher.

Dreadquake is prett good but not amazing, I’d rather use a Hellcannon in most situations. I’m sure your can proxy if you like :-).

Hope your game works out good and you capture many slaves.


IMO you should have more standard units to protect you flanks for example have a unit of 30-40 infernal guard and have like 2 units of 12 fireglaive or hailshot blunderbuss on the sides the main unit is to take on any thing and the small unit protect from flanking and you can use them to flank(fireglaives work wonders when flanking)


Thanks for the feedback, guys.

To be clear, this is part of a double’s match. I don’t have my partner’s army list yet, but I know it contains the following:

- Level 3 Forest Goblin Great Shaman on Arachnarok Spider

- 80+ Night Goblin infantry, split into multiple units with many fanatics.

- 10 Spider Riders

Plus he plans on more Forest Goblin infantry (I’ve leant him a unit of the old metals), some war machines, squig hoppers and a pump wagon.

The idea is that he covers the flanks and I hit hard.

@MLP: The only real limitation on the classic figures I have to hand is that I have only 20 blunderbussiers, and my long-running sore point about not having any classic hobgoblin warriors. Other than that my collection of big hats is pretty much complete.


if he has large units use magma cannon in stead of mortar


I’m not going to be firing at my ally’s units, surely?

If people want to know the models I have to hand to build an army with, they are:

100 CD warriors with axes and shields, plus assorted commands.

20 Blunderbussiers w/ command.

30 Sneaky Gits w/ command (used as Hobgoblin infantry in LoA).

1 Hellcannon w/ crew.

3 Earthshakers w/ crew (Dreadquakes now).

4 Death Rockets w/ crew (Deathshriekers now, extra crew needed).

5 Hobbo Bolt Throwers (lent to ally).

15 Bull Centaurs w/ two commands plus converted Hthark the Unstoppable hero.

Astragoth x2



Mounted Lord

Mounted Sorcerer

Sorcerer on foot x 5 or so

Hero on foot x 3 or so

Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders x 15

Hobgoblin archers x 10


Sadly, the large size of the match and the time constraints of the club meant that our 8000 pt game only had two turns. CD stuff:

- Battle focused on the early game clash between fast units and monsters, this army had little to contribute.

- Taurus and Sorcerer went solo on the right flank after rolling Purple Sun.

- Neither side successfully cast a spell all game.

- Both Deathshriekers and the Dreadquate rolled ‘Hit’ on their first-turn artillery.

- One DS killed 17 skeletons with one rocket.

- DQ blew up on second turn.

- Blunderbuss cut a mangler squig to pieces.


- Board had five forests, three were entered and the random terrain die rolled 6 every time - the trees were lethal.

- Most effective allied units were two five-strong wolf rider squadrons.

- Four Night Goblin Shaman in formation around a great Shaman on Arachnarok with spidershrine channels a hell of a lot of dice.

- Fanatics aren’t so great.

- The Pump Wagon achieved nothing.

Didn’t get much of a feel for the army, save that I really miss my Wolf Raider/Bull Centaur fast attack options. Need to get those centaurs rebased.