[Archive] 2000 pt x2 team game


So my first real chaos dwarf game with actual models! I ran 2k CD and 2k dark elves, vs two players using brets and vamp counts.

I deployed a hydra on each flank, my Destroyer fairly central, corsairs on my left flank, bull centaurs, hobgobbs, and CD warriors on the right with a magma cannon, chariot, and spear elf bunker hiding behind. Black guard behind the kdai, and some fast cav in there somewhere.

I had the vamp counts on my left, and brets on the right flank. 3 busses of knights, a bus of men at arms and a trebuchet from the brets. Vamps had 40 ghouls with a strigoi, small unit of grave guard, mortis engine, spirit host and corpse cart.

Turn 1

I move up a bit with everything, hydras rush up and fast cav swing up flanks. Destroyer rushes up to try and tempt the ghouls into charging. Magic phase i get off hatred on everything CD, and shooting phase the magma cannon kills 2 knights.

Vampire Brets - Ghouls charge the kdai, otherwise its mostly just positioning and dancing. MaA and a bus of knights try and get close enough to tempt my goblins into a long charge on the knights.

Magic phase brets cast curse of anraheir on my chariot, vamps raise a unit of zombies to stop my corsairs from counter charging the ghouls.

Shooting phase, trebuchet kills some goblins, mortis engine does a wound to the kdai. Combat phase Kdai takes no wounds and does at least 20 after combat res.

Turn 2

Corsairs charge the summoned zombies, goblins fail to charge the knights, other stuff moves up fairly aggressively and i move fast cav in the way of a bus of knights intending to flee through a hydra and cause a failed charge.

Magic Phase I get reduce the leadership of the knight bus with the bsb by 1, and ash storm off on another bus thats threatening my goblins.

Shooting phase i fail to reach the mortis engine with my magma cannon and do nothing to anything.

Combat Phase the strigoi decides to make way in the ghouls and does 5 wounds to my kdai killing it outright, reforming to look down my flank, ugh. Corsairs chew through the zombies and are forced to overrun exposing their flank to a bunker of skellies and the mortis engine, ugh.

Vampire Brets - Ghouls charge at the flank of my BC’s who flee, then fail to redirect. Grave guard fail a charge on my dwarf warriors, one bus of knights and the men at arms go into my goblins, and the bsb unit charges my fast cav who flee and fail to redirect. Corsairs take skeletons and mortis engine in the flank. The unit with ash storm on it just repositions a little to threaten the centre.

Magic phase Brets get wysons wildform on the knights in combat with my goblins, vampire counts raise back some ghouls. I stop the rest.

Shooting phase sees the trebuchet misfire, cant fire next turn. Howling kills some doomed corsairs.

Combat phase sees my corsairs lose, break, flee and die. My goblin champ issues a challange, which is accepted by a paladin and he lives! praise hashut. There are 26 MaA to 32 goblins, and the brets wiff their attacks, goblins stay steadfast 10!

Turn 3

Hydra on the right charges the bsb unit that failed to redirect. Hydra on the left goes into the skeletons that chewed up my corsairs. My chariot goes into the knights fighting my goblins, and my dwarf warriors need a 7 to get into the MaA and fail. Bull centaurs rally and turn to face the ghouls head on as well as block the flank of the dwarf warriors. Black guard go into the Grave guard.

Magic Phase dice were rolled, nothing happened.

Shooting phase no dice were rolled, completely forgot.

Combat Hydra on the left chews through the skeletons, vamps lose their lvl 3. Hydra on the right chews through some knights who are steadfast and stick. Chariot in the centre does 2 impact hits and 0 wounds, Brets continue to wiff rolls, goblins still havent inflicted a wound, no longer steadfast but i only lose by 2 and everyone sticks around. Black guard fight goes awful, i do 4 wounds and lose everything but my bsb and 4 elves. Stubborn 9 sticks but there are knights eyeballing my flank.

Vampire Brets

Bret bus goes into the flank of my black guard, ghouls charge into my bulls.

Magic phase vampire counts level 1 hero vamp miscasts on invocation, large template goes down 3 knights die, 11 grave guard, vamp takes a wound, and my bsb and champion stand alone. Brets try and 6 dice the +3 str and attack bubble and dont miscast and I stop it.

Shooting has a banshee kill one unit of fast cav, mortis engine kills the hydra on the left flank.

Combat has the strigoi who tore my destroyer a new one, struggle with the bulls. 1 wound is taken in total by the centaurs, who dish out several back. Ghoul horde is back under 20 strong. Hydra on the right eats more of the bsb’s unit, theyre still steadfast. My black guard champion issues a challange which is accepted by the grave guard champ. My bsb takes the final wound off the vampire before getting chopped into tiny pieces. My champ chops up the grave guard champ and the brets are forced to watch. Stubborn 9 sticks again. Fight in the centre is a giant pillow fight. Knights havent taken a wound, still about 30 goblins fighting, first wound is finally inflicted by the goblins and a men at arm dies! Pretty sure i lose but I stick.

Turn 4

Dwarf warriors make it into the goblin fight, not much else on the table.

Magic phase I cast ash storm on the knights in the goblin fight.

Shooting I clip a grave guard warrior trying to take out the corpse cart, and fail to wound… useless cannon.

Combat phase, the bulls continue to stomp on ghouls, down to about 8 and the strigoi, so far only 1 wound on my bulls and 1 on my taruk. Centre fight is won knights are caught by chariot and at this point it was late and game was called.

So all in all im fairly impressed with how the chaos dwarves perform. I really didnt know what to expect. I definately didnt think my kdai would pop turn two ugh, but the bulls were alot tougher than I thought they would be. Goblins were heroic really holding up a 3 paladin bus and a buncha men at arms for several rounds of combat.

Any feedback/advice/commentary appreciated!