[Archive] 2000p fast stuff


A little inspiration
The problem with a taurus lord is that he fly off and rest of the slow M3 troops cant support him
This list have 4 units fast units. The BC hero join one of the wolf units to add some striking power, the hobgoblin do the same or go war machine hunting with his long charge. The warriors serve as back line and protect war machines and the sorcerer.

Lord on Great Taurus
balck hammer of Hushut, Armour of the furnace, shield

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer 115p
2 x Dispel magic scrolls

Bull centaur hero 130
Gaunlet of bararakh, Great weapon
Heavy armour, shield.

Hobgoblin Hero on wolf 78p
Heavy armour, shield, sword of might


10 x Chaos Dwarfs 90p

10 x Chaos Dwarfs 120p
champion, Great weapons

10 x Chaos Dwarfs 120p

10 x Hobgoblin wolf raiders 150p
Light armour, shields, standard, musician

10 x Hobgoblin wolf raiders 150p
Light armour, shields, standard, musician

20 x Hobgoblins 40p

10x Hobgoblins 50p

10x Hobgoblins 50p

4x Bolt throwers 120p

6x Bull Centaurs with 181p
GW, HA, Standard, musician, war banner

6x Bull Centaurs with 156p
GW, HA, Standard, musician



Deffinately a fast list but your units seem a bit small… if a unit of 20 or more charges your unit of 10 warriors… chances are your going to lose combat pretty bad, possibly flee, get cut down and overrun into your warmachines.

Do you really need 4 fast units?

I would probably drop down to 2 and beef up your warriors.

That way while your 2 fast units are causing problems for the opponents warmachines and your lord is flying about terrorising every body you would still have a solid punch with your warriors.

Thats just my opinion though :hat off


your great weapon unit should only cost 110 points.

I assume you meant[/align] 120 not 12 for your blunderbuss unit.


Well 12p would be nice for 10 BB’s :slight_smile: and hopefully a unit of 20 would not get fast the fast assult units.