[Archive] 2000pt beginners list


OK after years of bimblering around playing both 40k and warhammer, Ive always wanted to do Chaos Dwarfs, finally sat down and started building them.

This is the idea for my army based around an expedition force sent to Albion hence the dark Emissary.

Chaos dwarf Lord 120

Armour of Gazrakh 30

Gauntlets of Bazhakk the Cruel 20

Addition Hand Weapon 6

Chaos dwarf Hero 60

Heavy Armour 4

Shield 2

Black Hammer of Hashut 45

Chaos dwarf Sorcerer 65

level 2 wizard 35

1 Dispel Scrolls 25

Dark Emissary 265

25 Chaos dwarfs 225

Full Command 30

25 Chaos dwarfs 225

Full Command 30

25 Chaos dwarfs 225

Full Command 30

Great Weapons 50

War Banner 25

10 hobgoblin wolf boyz 110

Light armour shields 20

Bows 30

30 Sneaky Gitz 150

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower 30

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower 30

Earth Shaker Cannon 110

Total 1997

Edit: made the wolf boyz a legal unit and added an extra bolt thrower.


looks good, but I would drop dark Emissary, drop CD warriors to 20, and get atleast 2 bolt throwers, death rocket for fun.

This seems like a good army, but I think yuo need some naked hobgoblins to help limit your enemies movements.

Blunderbuss are also A great option especially when going after a horde army (or atleast from what I have found, you want to hit as many of those blasted skaven, goblins, ect) as you can before they can hit you.

personnally I would put your lords in with your cd warriors. I think your sneaky gitz will cause a lot of pain to certain enemies, (as long as they in 7x5 formation) But going up against Khornate armies, or even chaos this is a NO!

but this army seems very well rounded, your mobilty will suck, so I would put all your siege weapons one one side along with a group of CD warriors, I would also put your wolf boys and sneaky gitz on the other side and try to flank with them :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tactical advice there mosk, I may drop the wolf riders down to 6, to get another bolt thrower.  But I like the dark emissary cos it means i have both a fighter lord, and a level 4 wizard.

edit just noticed there minimum unit size 10+ so will need to tinker with them.