[Archive] 2000pt Chaos Dwarf List

Time of Madness:

Lately I’ve tried to get away from taking the Prophet as my general. I’ve been having some decent success with taking either 2 castellans and 1 smith or 2 smiths and 1 castellan.


Castellan (General)

- Mask of the Furnace

- Shield

= 177pts

Castellan ( BSB )

- Talisman of Preservation

- Enchanted Shield

= 180pts


- Level 1

- Dispel Scroll

- Opal Amulet

= 135ts


28 Infernal Guard

General and BSB Here

- Full Command

- Standard of Discipline

= 383pts

12 Infernal Guard

- Full Command

- Fireglaives

= 235pts


4 K’daai Fireborn

= 220pts

Magma Cannon

= 145pts

DeathShrieker Rocket

= 100pts

DeathShrieker Rocket

= 100pts


K’daai Destroyer

= 325pts

TOTAL POINTS = 2000pts

Generally I try to keep the large unit of guard in the middle supported on either side by the glaives and fireborn. The Destroyer operates on the flank. The smith hangs out with the warmachines.

Opinions on the list?

Time of Madness


Thats not alot of magic for 2000 points

you could try for a level 2 on the daemonsmith

But I have played against a list a lot like this and it was very solid and if you use it right can be really nasty.

Time of Madness:

Thanks for the comments.

Unfortunately, when you don’t take a prophet magic suffers. I could always take 2 smiths and 1 bsb castellan making 1 smith a general. However, I like the syngery the 2 castellans create making the unit a tough nut to crack and giving it much needed combat support.

I’d love to put another level on the smith and maybe the ruby ring, but at 2000pts my hero choices are limited (only have 500pts to spend on 3 characters).

Time of Madness

Da Crusha:

Hi ToM, I would scrap the opal amulet for the charm shield. this way he can 2+ ignore cannon balls, first miscast hit etc. there is about a 1 in 3 chance of dying because of the “turn to stone” rule the very first time he miscasts. he would also benefit from +1 to Armour save and save you 10 points.

I’d drop the fireglaives for 5 more IG and then make them a unit of 25 and 20. Fireglaives never seem worth it to me but maybe you have better luck with them.

Id also drop the 4 fireborn or try and make the unit bigger. they always seem to burn out much too quickly in small units for me.

just my 2 cents.