[Archive] 2000pts army


This is my 2000pt army for fighting brets the warrior units are my anvils and the orcs Great weapon units and Bull centaurs are my hammers.

2000pts army

Lv4 Sorcerer lord with chalice of darkness and 2 power stones 325pts

Lv2 sorcerer dispel scroll and power stone 150pts

Lv2 sorcerer dispel scroll and power stone 150pts

Bull centaur hero with black hammer of hashut heavy armour and shield 151pts

10 chaos dwarf warriors with blunderbuss 120pts

20 chaos dwarf warriors with Champion and standard bearer 200pts

20 chaos dwarf warriors with Champion and standard bearer 200pts

Death rocket 80pts

16 big�?Tun orc boyz with additional choppa and full command 206pts

2 bolt throwers 60pts

Eathshaker 110pts

5 bull centaurs with heavy armour standard bearer and war banner 145pts

Total 1897


Your Chaos Dwarf Units could use some tweaking. Consider some BLunderbuss?

What are you hoping to kill with those great weapon troops that cannot be felled from your Bolt throwers? I’d consider merging your two GW units into a single BB unit. :slight_smile:

Also, where do you intend to put your characters? I am not sure if you have the points for it, but I like to run a unit of 24 CDs with my General (5x5 ranked), backed by two units of 17 BBs, each with a sorcerer in them for 6x3 ranked units.

Something to consider. :slight_smile:


I only have 10 blunderbusses so that leaves me 100pts I would like to use for 10 warriors with great weapons but I need to get 7 points from somewhere as for my character the bull centaur hero joins the bull centaur unit and the sorcerers will join war machines.


no offence, but 10 BBs is a useless unit, 16 is min size,if you only have ten consider some hobbo archers instead, it’d be just as effective TBH, and would give you more bodies on the field

also, your single unit of BC will be useless wihout other support, as all hey’ll be able to pick on is skirmishers and warmachines/missle units, which hobbow wolf boys do better.

so, drop the BCs and the BBs, and spend the points on something else, unless you don’t want to, of course