[Archive] 2000pts CD list (attempt 1)


Hi. :hat off

Right well here is my first ever Chaos Dwarf army list, well proper one anyway. It’s a mixture of both the Indy GT and the White Dwarf Presents books. I made this list for an upcoming game against a friends skaven team. I don’t mind if I lose, it’s the first time using my CD and I need to get used to them.


High Priest of Hashut (Bumped up to lvl 4 wizard)

Total: 245pts


Chaos Dwarf Hero /w Shield & Heavy Armour = 108pts

Sorcerer Champion = 121pts

Total: 229pts


3 Units of 16 Warriors /w Shields & Full Command =  507pts

2 Units of 16 Blunderbuss /w Full Command = 434pts

Total: 941pts


6 Bull Centaurs /w Shields & Full Command = 144pts

2 Deamoneaters = 240pts

Death Rocket = 90pts

Total: 474pts



Total: 100pts

1989 Points all together.

My list seems quite small to me and is lacking in Greenskins. Reason being this list is made up of figures I already have and buying more is not an option.

Input would be appreciated immensely. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kladdy :o


What lore will the high priest be?

I’d say you drop the commands on the blunderbussers, not so much of a use for it + you’ll lose loads of VP that way.
maybe use the points you get from those on some bolt throwers or on some cannon fodder. also, try and bulk the blocks of warriors, 16 is a descent number but 20/25 seems to be a bit stronger when using cd’s so maybe 2 regiments of 25 each?

for the rest I do not really know what to comment on it, IMO it seems to be pretty decent, though the better generals on the forum might have some tips =D

oh and magic items, those are really usefull so if I were you I’d pick some =D