[Archive] 2000pts Indy GT list for tournament


Hi all.

This is my first try of Indy GT at tournament, and I would have preferred to use Ravening hordes list with these comps. Anyways here are the comps for that tournament

-2000pts. army.

-chaos dwarves use Indy GT lists.

-No special characters.

-No lords

-max 3 of same cores (excluding infantry without missile weapons), max 2 same special units, max 1 same rare (high elves have max 2 same rare).

-max 1 large target, max 3 chariot units. (including character chariots).

-no magic items can cost more than 100pts.

-skirmisher units can cost maximum of 200pts.

-maximum of 10 magic dice on your own turn (1st bound spell 1 dice, and the rest 2 dice). Knowing every spell on lore takes 1 dice.

-Army general gets +1Ld for the whole tournament and can have +50pts. more magic items/runes/ daemonic gifts.

-Army general may have any mount (up to 200pts.) that a lord from the same army might take (lammasu for CD).

So here is my first idea for an army list.

Daemonsmith #1 General. 202pts.

Black gem of narg (GNAR!!), shield & hell armour.

Daemonsmith #2 157pts.

Daemon bane, shield & Rubric of Daemonic Whispers.

Daemonsmith #3 145pts.

Hexagon of hashut & enchanted shield.

Chaos dwarf slavemaster 140pts.

BSB, scale mail of ghazrakh & sword of might.


23 Chaos Dwarf warriors 331pts.

Full Command Group. Banner of daemonic tides. Hw, shield & Chaos Armour.

17 Chaos Dwarf annihilators 209pts.

Musician. Heavy armour, Hw & Blunderbuss.

17 Chaos Dwarf annihilators 209pts.

Musician. Heavy armour, Hw & Blunderbuss.

5 Hobgoblin wolf riders  76pts.

Musician. Spear, light armour & Daemon Eyes.

11 Hobgoblin stikkas 55pts.

Bow, hand weapon & light armour.


6 Bull Centaurs 126pts.

shield, great weapon & Heavy armour.

2 Hobgoblin spear chukkas 70pts.

Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket 90pts.

Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket 90pts.

Rare units.

Earthshaker Cannon 100pts.


Magic: (9 dice for comp purpouse). 3x lvl5 bounds, 1xlvl 4 bound and 1x lvl3 bound.

Dispel: 5 + hexagon.

models in army: 101

deployment drops: 11 (assuming that daemonic warmachines are deployed separately).

So my ideas were something like this. my three big dwarf blocks make my main line and I advance cautiously and shoot the hell out of my enemies :P. I have tested it couple of times with quite similar list and it works quite well against most armies.

My main worry is my magic I have no idea how my bound only magic works against a standard scroll caddy I don’t think I have too much to worry about, but against something like magic heavy vampires my magic is going to be pretty much useless :(. Well at least daemonsmiths give immunity to fear and can even hit something.

My army is about 80%complete I only need couple of additions to it (I’m adding them anyway to my main 2-2.25k Ravening Hordes list so this is just bashed together from that list).

Any comments and advices are very much appreciated. I want to know what is the hardest list you could come up with those comps (with chaos dwarfs ofc) I know you can make truly nasty lists with VC, Daemons and other armies.

Alan the evil:

daemonsmith cannot bear daemon bane because, like gar had notice to me some month ago

its from main rulebook, a model cant have 2 bound spells with the exception to priests of sigmar cos they have prayers,  a smiths boundspell comes from inbuild magic weapon.  
and if you want to work with 3 daemonsmith i suggest you to do so:

daemonsmith with 2 dispel, chaos armor and shield

daemonsmith with hexacon and chalice chaos armor and shield

daemonsmith with helm of azghor chaos armor and shield

so you have 2 dispel + hexacon and 6 dispel dice and, because you dont generate power dices, chalice helps you to cast easily your bound spells…

if you also find space to field 3 golem with lava fire, mantaining banner of demonic tide and swapping daemon bane on slave master you can enjoy CD magic too much!!


Thank you Alan, I didn’t know that. I Might try swapping Daemon bane to BSB or dropping BSB and taking a slave master (with hailfiregun and daemon bane), now I’m also seriously considering converting 3 golems. Anyways I have to rethink my list since it’s illegal at the moment.


Try and find room for a Bull Centaur hero. Dont bother with a magic heavy CD army unless you can get access to the High Sorcerer, otherwise just go defensive, you will never be able to get a decent amount of magic out. Drop the death rockets and drop the hobgoblin bowmen, get more wolf riders instead. Put chaos armour on the bull centaurs, it is worth it. Drop the CD warriors unit to 20 as with a character it will be 21, so one pot shot doesnt lose you a rank. Swap the banner of daemonic tides to the war banner. Try and get a hell cannon, they are very good.



How would you play the hellcannon in combination with that list? Make it walk around?

I’d suggest some more slaves myself. Some blocks of 20-25 rabble or 20 armored hobgoblins are dirt cheap and it differentiates your army from a regular dwarf one. You can totally bait & flee with inexpensive blocks of troops!