[Archive] 2000pts RH Taurus list


Hi brothers chaos dwarfs.

Here is my 2K list. I hope it is good enough for a tournament.



Black hammer of Hashut, furnace armour, shield, Great Taurus.


Bull-centaur hero(100/134)

Armour of Gazrakh (30), GW (4)

Sorcerer (115)

2 dispel scroll (50)

Hobbo hero (60)

HW, HA, wolf


CD warriors(20)

Musician (10), Standard (10)


CD warriors (19)

Musician (10), banner (10)


CD warriors(15)

Blunderbusses (45)


Hobgoblin wolf riders  (10)

Light Armor (10), Shield (10)

Musician (10)



Orcs (25)

Banner (15), shield (15)


2 hobgob bolt thrower(60)

2 hobgob bolt thrower(60)



Heavy Armour (6), standard (15)


Earthchaker (110pts)


The tactic is:

I place the Taurus on a flank, to cause terror and charge turn 2.

The other flank is occuped by the Hobbos wolf riders. They can threat war machine too. Last but nos least, they can flanked the blunderbusses.

The center is held by the bull centaurs, they can destroy the opponent’s center by charging an infantery regiment (weeked by the bolt throwers).

Good game!

Time of Madness:

List looks well balanced to me. I have a few general opinions.

- The Hobgoblin hero is pretty horrible for what you get. With all the infantry in the list I think you’d be better off adding a chaos dwarf bsb.

- The Orcs are special (not that it really matters)

- Hobgoblin wolf riders are so soft. The S3 attacks don’t cut it, I think you’d be better off saving the point and picking something else up.

- If you do decide to get a bsb it’d be worth adding a champ and the warbanner to one of your warrior units.

- The rest of the list looks solid, my main concerns are the wolf riders/hobbo hero and the lack of a bsb.

Time of Madness


Thanks you for your advices.

So, you do not like the hobbo part of the list. I agree, they are soft, but they are often undermined (my opponents do not often play againt CD…) specially with the hero inside. Thay can destroy a flank held by ligt infantry. And i like the idea of the taurus on one side and the hobbos on the other, they are my “bees”.

Obviously i consider your advices. I will wait for some others opinions about the hobbo part, if your are backed by them i follow you.

adding a chaos dwarf bsb
How can i equip him?

EDIT: an idea: i cut the hobbo hero and wolf riders and i add the BSB, 5 blunderbusses (and a command in the unit, to use them as a classic infantry that can shoot) to have 4 significant infantry pack.

Thanks for your post.

Time of Madness:

The bsb is best equiped with the Armour of Gazrakh and a sword of might. However that means you’ll have to give the bull centaur hero something different.

The armour of Gazarakh is essential for the bsb as it really helps keep him alive. Where as the bull centaur hero doesn’t need it as much as he will usually be charging and attacking first.

Try a great weapon with the gauntlets on the bull centaur hero for some heavy hitting.

Time of Madness


Ok, i will try this way.

But i will not give the gauntlets to the bull, s6 is enought IMO.


Good looking list, its very similar to my own, i would drop the hobgoblin hero and take another Sorcerer with 2 dispell scrolls but other than that small change its a very well rounded and balanced list :slight_smile:


In a taurus list I like to have a cd hero as my general (with GW and 1+ armor).

Then the bull centaur is the BSB, good fighty hero.

Then all that’s left is a single mage for magic defense.

In your current list, your highest LD is the taurus, which means that he flies away from the slaves that he’s supposed to lend his leadership to.

If you have a cd hero (ld 10) as your general, you can keep your ld 10 bubble in the middle of your battle line.