[Archive] 2000pts tourney army

Steve D:

This is the list am thinking of taking to a local tourney:

Lvl4, Death, Ench Sh, Dawnstone, scroll, blood of hashut

BSB, sh, Dragon Helm, Talisman of Preservation, iron curse icon

30 Infernal guard, FC, Razor standard

20 Hobgobs, SB, Mu, bows

Iron Deamon, hellbound

Magma Cannon


Kdaii Destroyer


Should be interesting.

I think you’ll go alright with the Magma cannon and Destroyer.

Destroyer is very powerful and can potentially roll up whole armies by itself.

Let us know how you go with the only 2 regiments.


The destroyer and (I assume) the irondeamon should be considered to have filled the hole provided by only 2 infantry units, so its really 3 ‘main line’ units and the irondaemon.

Should work well I think.

Don’t know about death, I’ve come to rely on the Lore of Hashut as a bit of a crutch myself (3 spells in particular…), however I think Death has promise, particularly with combos like Doom and Darkness(?) + panic test causing missiles from the shreaker.

So yeah, I think it shows a lot of promise very interested in seeing how it goes.

Time of Madness:

Very similar to my 2000pt list.

I take a unit of bull centaurs and another rocket instead of the iron daemon though.

I have had good success with my list, so I think you should be alright.

Time of Madness

Steve D:

Thanks. I am trying to see how I can fit in a unit of BC into the list when I upgrade to 2400. Am thinking of swapping the rocket for a hellcannon and then putting in another uint of hob gobs. Should leave enough points for a small unit and I am sure I can trim a few points here and there too.


Do you know what you’re likely to be facing? I don’t like tailoring so much, but last time I went to ripon I faced 2 daemon armies, vamps, and ong. I took metal on my level 2, so he did nothing for most of the games.

Looks good, though and very similar to what I would take if I was allowed to go! At 2k I manage to squeeze in another daemonsmith, rocket and 3 bull centaurs instead of the iron daemon. The list is doing ok, but I do tend to rely on the rerolls from the daemonsmith to get the most out of my artillery.

However, if you’ve got the proper forgeworld models (I don’t, I’m still saving up!) everybody should be amazed by the sheer awesomeness of them and hand you victory straight away.

Steve D:

Where did you finish up? I was the HE player that won the thing.

I do have a few FW models - the Iron Demon, Magma cannon and am using the FW Khorne Demon prince as a Destroyer. And am using the FW infernal guard command for my Lvl4 and BSB. Mantic models for the rest though.


I was the other high elf player with the cavalry prince. I think I finished mid-table somewhere. Not last, anyway, which is a change for me!

good luck and let us know how you get on!