[Archive] 2000pts using Thommy H's 8th ed CD book


Now, without looking at it in pdf format there may be some glaring mistakes as Issuu isn’t the easiest thing to write a list from, as well as personal idiocy on my own part, so bare with me. Also at this point its more a combination of what I have and new things that are awesome, ie Ghuz slavetaker and the giant walking battleship (Daemonic Engine) so here goes. The Sorc Lord sits in the blunderbuss unit and takes advantage of his flaming, poisoned shooting attacks and ranged spells While Hothgar and the Despot sit in the Warrior unit. The slaves cover the artillery from any unwanted fast cav and add as much fire as they can.

Lords 380pts(19%)

Sorcerer Lord -Lv4, Amulet of Azgorh, Dispel Scroll, Blunderpuss, Palanquin 380pts (General) (Shadow)

Heroes 395pts(19.75%)

Hothgar Daemonbane-160

Despot-BSB-Banner of Hashut, 235pts

Core 745pts(37.5%)

25xCD Warriors w/great weaps, Ghuz Slavetaker, musician, bearer/razor standard 405pts

15xCD Stormcallers w/shields, stormguard, musician bearer/cursed standard


19xSlaves w/bows 145pts

Special 190pts(9.5%)

Mortal Engine -artillery, CD crew, Deathrockets 95pts

Mortal Engine -artillery, CD crew, Deathrockets 95pts

Rare 285pts(14.25%)

Daemonic Engine -Warbarge, colossal, ironclad, razor claws, thunderous charge, Daemonic barrage, infernal shells, daemonsmith 285pts

Thommy H:

I didn’t even notice Amulet of Azgorh would give Flaming Attacks on missile weapons as well! Looks interesting anyway. I can’t comment on how effective the list might be, but bear in mind that Ghuz’s unit won’t be able to use the BSB’s re-roll, so that might not be the best place for him. I’d love to see what that Daemonic Engine would look like too! Some sort of submersible, I guess?

Also, here’s a link to the book on the Issuu site itself which should allow you to flick through it a bit more easily.


True on the BSB though there isn’t much else to place it, besides they should benefit from the terror and stubborn anyway and the re-roll is ranged anyway so its just a matter of keeping the other important unit/s close by, but ill admit it wasn’t something I had thought about much.

The Daemon Engine is a cross between the Nazi Sub U-534, A prawn and a Ramship. I think I shall call it a Hypirza Azul (A kind of predatory Amphipod +Iron, so the Iron Amphipod?) Anyway when I finally get round to making it it will be epic. Ill try the list out as soon as I can hopefully in the next few weeks.