[Archive] 2011 Games Day Miniature


The new model for 2011, skaven this time (think this is the the first time for a skaven gamesday fig)

I like this guy the most out of all the new skaven heroes. Just need to find a way to pick it up since i’m not going to any GW events.

Da Crusha:

He looks like just a normal skaven guy to me.


At least its not a spazz marine.


or could it be a hobgoblin with a little work


I qute like this one, not too overdone on details and such and not a weird pose. Think I’ll get it.


I like it, it looks wilke a cool model , could be a storm vermin champ or a hero or a lord gives you alot to work with :slight_smile:


He looks a bit too cheerful to me but otherwise a very nice model.


lots of balls, yeah he’s ok, not stunned, just …ok.

Blue in VT:


I think this is a cool figure…and I love the shield…nice and different.




Looks a bit too rank and file to me for a special model. Least its not a BHATTLE BHRUTHURS, SPEHSS MAREENS


His shield looks like a drain cover, rather apt really. :-p


I didn’t notice until Grim mentioned it, but he does look really happy. Its almost like it is smiling. Still cool looking though.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think it looks quit cool, although the warp-ball on his back is touch and go.

Anyone else feel like GW only like Skaven recently?