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Welcome to the 2012 Brush Slave @CDO

In 2012 we’ll try something a bit different, as we’ll be trying out a League format.

You’ll find the official rules and the signing up process here

13 people have signed up but there is room for more :slight_smile: - should more sign up, I might add another round or 2.

So, what shall I do?

Well, thats quite easy - start painting your first team (i.e. paint at least 3 themed gaming miniatures).

When you’re done put some effort into making a presentation of your team and PM me (clam) your pictures + your team name/title - or attach them to an email and sent it at: brushslaveleague (at) gmail dot com . Keep your entry close - and please check the rules for any other restrictions like - picture sizes, basing, paintings etc.

All of this, by the end of February 2012 (GMT) - as this will be your official team for the first round (March 2012).

Soon after 1st of March I’ll announce the first match up’s. These will be “closed” as the sign up is open till after round 1. From round 2 and on I’ll let you know who you are up against. Might effect what you’ll be painting, perhaps :wink:

What happens from there is up to you, but I’ll encourge you all to paint a few more substitutes/new teams - after all, this is about reducing the lead pile - and we love see newly painted miniatures. Please keep in mind that only a complete new team qualifies for the new team bonus.

And don’t forget that round 6 is a themed one with additional theme round bonuses, but I’ll wait a bit before I’ll announce the theme - just to keep all you guys motivated :stuck_out_tongue:

This will be the officiel BSL 2012 thread - so in here I’ll announce round starts/ends, match up’s, poll’s etc. - so it might be worth subscribing to this thread here.

Last, but certainly not least huge thanks to G.2. for creating the totally awesome BSL '12 banner. Feel free to add it to your signature so people can see what we are up to :smiley:


The official 2012 Brush Slave League Rules

Round 1 - Kick off (well you are already here - post #1) Deadline 29th February 2012, 11:59pm GMT

Round 1 - Voting - post #105 Ending 10th March 2012

Round 2 - Announcement - post #104 Deadline 31st March 2012, 11:59pm GMT

Round 2 - Voting - post #132 Ending 11th April 2012

Round 3 - Announcement - Deadline 30. April 2012

Round 3 - Voting - post #147 Ending 11th May 2012

Round 4 - Announcement - post #145 Deadline 31. May 2012

Round 4 - Voting - post #160 Ending 11th June 2012

Round 5 - Announcement - Post #130 Deadline 30. June 2012

Round 5 - Voting - post #166 Ending 11th July 2012

Round 6 - Announcement Deadline 31th August 2012

Round 6 - Voting - post #186 Ending 11th September 2012

Round 7 - Announcement - post #187 Deadline 30th September 2012

Round 8 - Thank You, CDO - post #187 Deadline 31th October 2012

Round 8 - Voting - post #193 Ending 11th November 2012


Just a quick note about the banner. I will make a “smaller one” for signatures, if people want a smaller one. It will be similar to the main banner seen at the start of this thread.


Sounds great - G.2 :slight_smile:

Till then - people might want to use this piece of code:


Can’t wait to see the models for the first round. Ofcourse I should start on my entry has soon as possible.


I hate to be “that guy” but League has a U in it. Since its a banner, it might help to be spelled right. Sorry. The banner is very striking though. :slight_smile:


Lol GRNDL haha, I didn’t even notice until you said it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice work on the banner though G.2!

I’ll start working on my first 3 chaps as soon as I get home, which will be Sunday I guess.

Will add the banner after spelling correction :wink:


Is there a list somewhere of who is in…?


Ups! - my mistake - so sorry!

Have seen quite a few different banners now without seeing this “obvious” mistake.

Hopefully G.2 can/will fix it, when he got the time - till then - it’s “The 2012 Brush Slave Leage”

Is there a list somewhere of who is in…?

Yes, check the link with rules and sign ups in post #1


I hate banners in signatures but this one is quite cool so I make an exception (:

Lord Aldades:

Time to sort miniatures and start planning then :slight_smile:


how do you use a signiature?


how do you use a signiature?

Go to "User CP" or "Private messages" fróm the top navigation bar - when logged in.

On your left you'll find the "Change signature" menu - under "Your Profile"

Copy the piece of code to the message box. Click "Update Signature"


I was always (and still am) terrible with spelling. I will get the banner fixed ASAP. Thanks GRNDL.

Blue in VT:

Fantastic! I love the banner and will be happy to spread the word by putting in my sig as well…as soon as I saw it I knew that G2 had done his magic again (he also created an excellent banner for my blog).

I’ve alredy got a team picked and ready to paint.




As regards to the banner with the correct spelling, I have just PM’ed Clam with a new image, so he can approve it, and I have also supplied him with two sig files, so he can pick (or both). So stay tuned.

@ Blue: Thanks for the kind words about the banner. I am a bit of frustrated artist, so I need to get some creativity out, every now and again. It just seems to help keep in balance. It is probably why I like painting little lead men.

@ Blue Again: You already have a team picked.!!! I am torn between a couple of options, so I am thinking about painting a couple of teams, and then deciding which looks better. This sounds good in theory, but probably in reality, I will just paint something in the last minutes and hope for the best.


I’ve figured out the models for the team, so now I just need to start painting them.


@ furrie: What…your organised too…oh man!!! I think I have to get my act together for this one.

I am looking forward to a great action season of “League” goodness.


Had a chance to pick up my miniatures I have planned for my first team at home and actually started painting (:

Might aswell paint a spare team if I have the time, just in case.

Blue in VT:


To be honest with you I’ve been planning my teams for the LPL as well (even though it hasnt been scheduled yet) so figuring out a few for this league was just more of the same. For both contests I’m really going to focus on figures I need to finish for my armies…because I’ve actually started doing some gaming with them for the first time in nearly 2 decades… And I hate unpainted troops on my table.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what else

Everyone is going to work on.




I hate to be "that guy" but League has a U in it. Since its a banner, it might help to be spelled right. Sorry. The banner is very striking though. :)

Now that I got time for a good look at the banner, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about :D

And G.2 did these two signature banners: