[Archive] 2014 Clearout...Part 1! Entire Metal Reiksguard Unit and more

Blue in VT:

Well…the year is almost a full week old…it has gone far too long without a Clearout Thread from Blue!

…so lets get to work! :sunglasses:

The fine Print:

-I’m in the US but willing to ship pretty much anywhere as long as you are willing to cover the cost.

-Prices shown DO NOT include shipping. Ask me for a quote.

-Trades take precedence over sales…but international trades must be for multiple figures…shipping is killing me on small trades…

-My trade wants are here: Photobucket

-I don’t typically include bases with the figures I sell…if you want/need one just let me know.

-I will give discounts for larger orders…usually reduced shipping.

-Payment via PayPal ONLY

-Please note that many of these figures have been stripped of old paint jobs and there may be residue of paint left behind.

-Lets make a deal!

-21 Late 3rd ed Empire Reiksguard incl. Standard and Musician (just add hero!) $5 each or $75 for all of them… Shields included :o


Empire Spearmen, Halberds, and command $4 each or all 8 for $28


-Chaos Warriors $4 each

-12 “modern” Chaos Marauders incl. Standard and Musician $26


-Marauder Chaos Knight (no mount) $4

-Chaos Dwarf Crewman $3

-Ancient Dark Elf $3

-Marauder Dwarfs with two-handed weapons (please note the lack of tabs) $4 each $15 for all 4


-Prince Ulther’s Standards $4 each

-Marauder Miner Command and Character $4 each or 3 member command section for $10

-Orc Hero $4

-Orc Shamman Nazgob $5


-Random Old Orcs $3 each

-Night Goblin fanatics $3 each or all 3 for $7

-Snotlings $1 each or all 7 for $5


-Kislev Kossar Standard and Musician $8 for both


-9 Plastic Bret Archers $5

-Modified Space Wolf Dread (2nd edition) $12 ON HOLD

-Kev Adams Dwarfs (non-GW) $5 for all 3


Let me know if you see anything you like!




PM send! :hat off


Blue in VT:

List updated. Feel free to make offers on the remaining pieces.