[Archive] 2250 Chaos Dwarfs, first try


Lvl 4 sorcerer lord

2 scrolls

Chaos dwarf hero(general)

GW, heavy armour

Chaos dwarf BSB

armour of gharzrak

Bull centaur hero

GW, HA, shield

3x15 hobgoblins

2x24 chaos dwarf warriors, banner

1x24 chaos dwarf warriors, GWs and warbanner

2x15 Blunderbuss armed warriors

4 bolt throwers


2x6 bull centaurs

I plan on putting the sorcerer with the gw warriors, the bsb and general each in a hw/sheild unit

Im aware 6pd isnt much, but I want to atleast eb able to roll some dice in the magic phase.

Thoughts comment suggestions?


Either take just a scroll caddy or go all-out with magic. The middle ground is worthless.

I’d recommend you drop the GW Warriors, they simply aren’t very effective. Use the points to buy 3 more BBs for each of the two units (so they can be 6x3) and some melee hobgobs (LA+S).


Im aware 6 PD wont get me much, but as I stated in my previous post I want to have a little fun casting spells, so 6pd it is.

Point taken on the GW warriors…thats probably a good idea.


Also one thing that I would add would be to put your Wizards/Sorcerers in with your artillery crews. It gives them 360* vision and makes shooting them that much harder as opponents have to roll to hit the machines first, then roll to see who gets hit. I would also like to point out that I was doing it before White Dwarf stole my idea :mad


I thought only characters that can act as artillery crewmen may join artillery crews?


I thought only characters that can act as artillery crewmen may join artillery crews?

A Character model may join a war machines crew in the same way he might join a unit of troops. The war machine benefits from his leadership value, however, only crew can operate a machine, a character cannot unless otherwise specified in their rules. Characters are not hurt if the machine misfires and explodes and they are free to fire missile weapons at different targets than the war machine is firing at. pg 85

I was referring to the Magic Tactica from this months white dwarf where the author advises the use of this tactic, and shows some pansy high elves hiding with the crew of their bolt thrower teams.

Uzkul Werit:

I’d only do this if the enemy army is completely free of flyers or fast cavlary. A Lord he might be, but once the flyers are stuck in he’ll die just as easily as a crewman.


There are a lot of spells that have range limitations as well.

Although sticking a scroll caddy with a war machine is probably not a bad idea.


Definately agree on the above RE: Character setup. Ontop of the above, I would give the BSB the Sword of Might and consider giving the BC Hero the Gauntlets for S7. I know you have more than enough artillery for chariots, but the S7 will make the opponant hold back outside charge range so you have more chances to shoot it. Also means you can focus of reducing the ranks of the enemies RnF.


MAtty :slight_smile:


All or nothing with Chaos Dwarf magic and as you seem a very combat orientated type I would suggest a Bull Tarus flyer with a CD general, and perhaps change the hero or bsb to a level 1 scroll caddy.

As to the question of putting a mage in a war machine, I do it often with my metal mage as its fluffy. I dont do it when versing anything that can move 20" if you catch my drift. Or when using the Hellcannon as itself (I dont like him being eaten by its rampage) :hat off

And you need to fit in an Earthshaker as this would give your death rockets more time to fire, thus actually giving them a chance to hit something :~

8 power dice or 3 power dice

nothing in between,

play and you will see what I mean


I have played plenty to know 6pd isnt the most effective setup, But as I stated twice earlier I dont really want to dominate the magic phase, just roll some dice during it.


I saw. Was just reiterating :slight_smile:

Was my opinion of what I like all or nothing thats all, but each to his own :cheers


well then i’d drop the extra level on the S.lord and make him a super caddy…
5 dice gives you at least two chances at your irresistable force (which is the only way you will cast anything)…
and 4 DD and a pile of scrolls will keep the heat off from the enemy…

a couple of things tho… with this set up you do not need a CD hero as the general…
the S. Lord brings his own Ld10 and moves across the field at the appropriate pace…
i’d drop your general and bring something different… maybe a hobgoblin hero on foot w/ GW and Gauntlets, HA…
about half the price twice as nasty… join up two of your hobbie regiments to stick him in a group of 30…
points saved in this way can get you Full commands for your warrior units…