[Archive] 2250 ETC rules: My Chaos Dwarfs defeated Vampire Counts


Hello this is my battle report against the arrogant Vampire counts.
Please, do not ask to copy the entire thread, too long, just check the link and comment here, thank you :hat
2250 ETC rules: My Chaos Dwarfs defeated Vampire Counts - Druchii.net



lol the druchii.net guys make me laugh, someone mentions Vampire Counts and the “omg broken” comments just flood in.


Good report suck that you lost the shaker so soon. I did read it on druchii and wondered if you were on here.


yes, when I rolled misfire and then 1 on the chart at the very first shot… I cannot write here what I thought :h but it has been a nice lesson on how to win without the shaker.
I’ve played many times without the shaker but never at over 2000 points.
I do not think Vampire Counts are an overpowered army, I can deal with them, sometimes I loose, sometimes I draw but many times I win :hat
They shall remember we are dwarfs and not yet extinct :o
Cheers evil dwarfs fella :cheers


That was some fine playing, good work! Nice and easy to follow with the maps.


Are there photos of this report as well, graphics are always good and photos are even better in addition to said maps. You never know what sort of webzine might want to use this… :slight_smile: