[Archive] 2250 Kerbak´s Indy GT Rules List


2250 Kerbak´s  Indy GT rules List

High Priest of Hashut: 300 pts :hat off(included with one of Chaos Dwarf warrior unit)

Death Mace : +1 S, +1 A

Arcanne Aparatus,: +1i, +1 A

Enchanted shield

Chaos Armoor

Great Horn Bull Centaur:  154 pts :hashut(included with Bull Centaurs Unit)

Gauntlets of Barhzhak the cruel

Armour of Razhack

Additional weapon

Chaos Dwarf Salve master: 132 pts :hat off(included with Obsidian guard unit)

Battle standard bearer

Amulet of Hashut

Chaos Armor, Shield

Demonsmith : 102 pts :mask:(included with one of blunderbusess unit)

Parasit Blade

Chaos Armor, Shield

CORE UNITS10 Chaos Dwarf Warriors :~with Blunderbusess: 125 pts

Heavy armour

10 Chaos Dwarf Warriors :Pwith Blunderbusess: 125 pts

Heavy armour

15 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: 160 pts:|Heavy armour, shield, Hand weapon, Musician, standard bearer, Slaver

10 Wolf raider Hobgoblins: 168 pts:ideaHand weapon, light armour, spear, shield, Musician Boss


19 Obsidian Guard: 345 pts
:maskHand weapon, Great weapon, Chaos Armour, Shield

Musician, standard bearer, Darklon

Zhogar Totem

16 Hobgoblin Sneaky Gitz: :idea112 pts

2 hand weapons / dirty Git

6 Bull Centaur : 151:hashut

Hand weapon, Great Axe, Heavy Armour, Shield

Musician, standard bearer, Great Hoof

02 Hobgoblin Spear Chukka: 60:idea

01 earth Shaker Cannon 110 ptsx.x

01 Hell Cannon 205 pts:o

TOTAL 2249

This is a Combat List that use twice, first in a 2vs 2, where the units give a good support to chaos forces against Vampires and Ogres

Then I played against the same chaos player, and all work perfect, especially when the obsidian guard hold a chaos knight charge (including commander and battle standard bearer), then bull centaurs charge by knights flank and then the battle was mine�?�

I dislike the fact that there isn�?Tt any hero mage option to dispel magic, because for my new list I want a Bull Centaur lord option, but who is going to dispel magic…

Hell cannon is very good but too expensive, instead I will made an Inferno Golem unit.

Magic is good, but I don�?Tt want to be force to use a LVL 4 mage,


Hi there - I would say that your unit of warriors needs to be bigger - at the size they are they cant really act as an anvil effectively and they arent that good at dishing out damage. Also now that we can take wolf-riders in units of 5 i dont see why you would take 1 unit of 10 instead of 2 units of 5


Interesting list- not completely optimized, with some odd sized units. Looking forward to seeing how the Golems do!

you do realize you start with 4 dispel dice base, so anti-magic is covered without any hero-level wizards?


this lits work very good…

then i used the V.2 at 3000 points, with priest, but with boss on great taurus, and with great horn lord, the rest of the list was quite similar, but I include the eruption gun to the warriors, which works really bad, and 3 golems which fail there panic test on the second turn and where killed by the enemy… finally I lost :frowning: but i will have my revenge

I use the goblin Riders like a heavy unit supporting other units (with a hero on the unit), but i need to start using them on units of 5 as i do with my ork army…

I must said that I really like this indy GT list, so will send my comments from V.3 the soonest possible


It’s a bit hard to give feedback on a list that very few people have even looked at exstenively, let alone played.

Da Crusha:

death mace, Darklon Zhogar Totem, where do these come from I ve never heard of them?


death mace, Darklon Zhogar Totem, where do these come from I ve never heard of them?

Da Crusha
The unOfficial Indy GT Dwarfs of Chaos list!

:hat off

Da Crusha:

oh cool list Im going to have to read it over thanks!